Danny Dyer can't wait to meet his daughter Dani's new boyfriend Jack Fincham.

Danny and Dani Dyer

Danny and Dani Dyer

The 'EastEnders' star wasn't overly impressed when he found out the 21-year-old barmaid was heading into the sun-soaked villa this summer in a bid to find love, but he's been left speechless by the pen salesman's efforts with his daughter on screen and is looking forward to getting to know him once the couple leave the island.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Dani's best friend Kayleigh Short said: "I think Danny will like Jack because there is nothing to dislike about him. Every dad is protective over his daughter, it's normal for him to be like that with Dani.

"But because there is nothing really to dislike about Jack I think he'd get on well with Danny. Danny isn't scary at all, or intimidating. He's a big softie in real life.

"Because Jack is coming across so well and does seem so nice I don't see any problems. I think her family will welcome him with open arms."

Hearts broke across the nation earlier this week when Dani was reduced to tears after she realised Jack was in Casa Amor with his ex-girlfriend Ellie and, although the sweet gent slept outside to prove his loyalty to her, feared he would cheat on her.

Kayleigh explained: "Dani has become the nation's sweetheart, it's amazing.

"She is doing so well, everyone is loving her in there - no one we know can believe how well she's doing.

"She is totally genuine, everything you see on screen is what you get. She is just so nice and it's amazing that everyone is getting to see the Dani we all know and love.

"There has been such a great reaction and I've not seen one negative comment."

Although they've been together less than a month, Jack and Dani - who are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend as of last week - have become besotted with one another and have even claimed they are "in love."

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