Hayley Hughes thinks Piers Morgan is a secret 'Love Island' fan.

Hayley Hughes at The William Hill Arms

Hayley Hughes at The William Hill Arms

The former Islander rubbed shoulders with the 'Good Morning Britain' co-host during her time as a guest on the ITV show, and she now believes the journalist -who has been on numerous anti-'Love Island' rants on the programme in recent weeks - is playing a "character" on the show and is actually a fan of the reality series.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at The William Hill Arms pub, the 21-year-old model said: "He's really nice off camera, he's very nice.

"I think he's just got to live up to his character where he's on TV, but deep down I think he's a big Love Island fan to be honest.

"Every morning he seems to talk about 'Love Island' on the show - he knows a lot about it considering he doesn't watch it!"

Piers hit out at Hayley for her lack of knowledge on Brexit, and asked her a series of questions to test her knowledge - including what Pythagoras theorem was, which he himself got wrong.

Since then, Hayley has appeared on BBC show 'Daily Politics', where she met Nigel Farage and admitted he was "really lovely".

The blonde star said: "He was really lovely and he made me feel really comfortable and he educated me a lot more on Brexit and we had a little selfie.

"I'm still not fully educated on the Brexit topic but I have more of an understanding and I'm still learning more about it cos I'm finding it interesting now."

Since departing the villa, Hayley has developed a great friendship with fellow ex-Islander Rosie Williams.

She said: "Me and Rosie are really good friends. We've been out a few times due to work outside the villa but also having girls nights and things.

"But I just don't think Adam even knows what he wants it's a bit like pass the parcel.

"We don't hold grudges, and Rosie is in charge of the 'Love Island' group chat and she says she's gonna put him in.

"I don't think you can hold grudges. I can't really comment because Adam was nice to me when I was in the villa."

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