Jack Fincham has risked the wrath of Danny Dyer by admitting he wants to watch 'Coronation Street'.

Jack Fincham

Jack Fincham

The 'Love Island' star would love to take in some episodes of the ITV soap in the villa, despite his girlfriend and fellow Islander Dani Dyer's dad being one of the major stars of rival soap 'EastEnders'.

Speaking on last night's (08.07.18) episode, Jack said: "All I want to do is watch 'Coronation Street'."

The 26-year-old stationery salesman's omission came when he, Wes Nelson, and Josh Denzel were messing about putting on northern accents to pass the time while chatting about oatcakes and acting out comical scenarios.

Some eagle-eyed viewers also spotted Jack's 'Corrie' declaration, and poked fun at him on the social media site.

One wrote: "was Jack trying to pretend he's a corrie fangirl to deflect from the fact he has a poster of Danny dyer? (sic)"

Another posted: "don't know how danny dyer is going to feel about jack being a corrie fan... (sic)"

One shared: "jack saying he wants to watch coronation street [laughing emoji] (sic)"

Another fan wrote: "it's all kicking off and then there's jack saying he just wants to watch coronation street i love one(1) man only (sic)"

Dani's mum Joanne Mas recently admitted her husband - who plays Mick Carter in the BBC One soap - is keen to enter the 'Love Island' villa, and Danny found it hilarious that Jack has a poster of him in movie 'The Business' above his bed.

She said: "He'd love a cameo on that show, he'd love that. He was just like, 'Oh, he's got a poster on the bedroom wall - your mum has got a poster on the bedroom wall of me...'

"He just laughed, we was both laughing, Danny likes being mentioned on that show."

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