Love Island's Adam Collard will confess he "definitely has feelings" for axed Islander Zara McDermott - despite coupling up with Darylle Sargeant.

Adam Collard

Adam Collard

The 22-year-old personal trainer expected to "forget" about the 21-year-old government advisor by cracking on with someone else in Casa Amor, and while he managed to do just that with 24-year-old eye technician Darylle, he cannot stop thinking about Zara now he's back in the main villa.

In tonight's (04.07.18) 'Love Island' ep, he says: "Me and Darylle get on well, she's hot. But I'd be lying if I said there wasn't still feelings there for Zara. I did really like her.

"Honestly I thought if I went to Casa Amor and threw myself into someone I would just forget about it. But I definitely have feelings for Zara."

Adam later has a heart-to-heart with Darylle, admitting he has been "quite distant" from her.

He says: "I know that you've probably noticed that I've been quite distant which I know I have been. When I was at Casa Amor my head was into meeting new people.

"The last time I was here [in the main villa] I was with Zara."

Darylle adds: "It's been really awkward coming into this environment. You brought me here and I've seen none of you at all."

And while Adam doesn't pull the plug on his romance with Darylle, he admits his head is "a bit all over the place".

He says: "I just want you to know I do think you're lovely and I'm open to getting to know you. It's just weird right now for me. My head is a bit all over the place."

Zara recently admitted it was "hard to watch" Adam cracking on with Darylle, and said she would "love" to see him again when he exits the villa.

She said: "It's hard to watch because what we had was genuinely so real. You only know when you're in it. It was the most amazing thing.

"He made my time in there so special, and as much as people may hate on him now for what he's doing, no one can take away from me the way he treated me in there.

"I mean I'd love to see him again because of the connection we had.

"How that will go in the future I don't know. I think it depends on how he behaves in the villa in the future.

"I'm not saying anything. Never say never. It's just difficult to watch all of this. But I would love to see him again just because of how amazing he was to me."