Nervo are in talks with Simon Cowell to join 'Ultimate DJ'.



The 'You're Gonna Love Again' DJs - twin sisters Mim and Liv Nervo - have been signed up by the music mogul to join his latest talent show, which launches next spring.

Mim said: "We are talking to Simon Cowell because he wanted to meet us and he was really open about it.

"He said anyway we would like to be involved we can be.

"I've never watched a reality TV judges show, but they said you could judge or mentor but we haven't decided."

And while other artists on the electronic dance music scene are less than impressed with Simon's attempts to break into the market, the Australian sisters think it's a great move.

Liv told the Daily Star newspaper: "He's a marketing genius and wants to get involved in this scene.

"It's all about the DJ talent and the music and submitting tunes."

DJ Fresh - who collaborated with Rita Ora on 'Hot Right Now' - claims he too was approached but decided against it.

He said: "I didn't really feel it was something I wanted to be involved in."

And house music legend Tiesto believes the 'X Factor' format of the show isn't suited to the genre of music.

He explained: "I don't think it will ever work for Simon Cowell.

"The vocal aspect is what's missing. When you see someone sing good or bad that will never get boring.

"But you need an hour to DJ, not two minutes on TV."