Steve Brookstein

Steve Brookstein

The Britain's Got Talent Final is this weekend, and some promising new acts are set to be featured.

Although we've seen a lot of success from reality shows over the years, especially in the form of Olly Murs and One Direction, it's clear that after all the hard work, some acts are just plain forgotten about.

We take a look back over the reality show years, to rediscover some of the winners that eventually went on to lose out on stardom.

Steve Brookstein

You might remember Steve Brookstein from the first season of X Factor way back in 2004. He won, despite much criticism from Sharon Osbourne, and went on to release a number 1 single and album.

However, he was later dropped by his label after announcing that he wanted to make his own music, which ultimatley flopped. An attempted comeback in 2006 didn't go down well either, and he now performs for private parties and jazz clubs.

Jai McDowall

Despite winning Britian's Got Talent only 2 years ago, it seems that this Rock singer come operatic has failed to make it big.

McDowall was signed to Simon Cowell's label Syco, with whom he went on to release an album. But after a small tour and minute success, it was confirmed that his one-album contract wouldn't be renewed.

Rik Waller

Although Mr Waller wasn't a winner of Pop Idol back in 2001 (he was forced to leave after contracting severe laryngitis) he was one of the nation's favourites.

After leaving the show, and being replaced by Darius Danesh (remember him?!), Rik enjoyed a small success with his number 6 cover of 'I will always love you'.

Since then, Rik has left the world of music, and is now an exam invidulator.

Leon Jackson

This scottish singer won the 2007 X Factor, who knew? His cover of 'When you Believe' reached number 1 that year, and his following single 'Don't Call This Love' reached number 3 in the charts. Although, his success didn't continue. Leon was dropped by Syco in 2008, and has since not managed to find another record deal.

Michelle McManus

Bet you forgot about this 2003 Pop Idol Winner. After winning the talent show, Michelle released her song 'All This Time' which reached number 1 in the charts, and remained there for 3 weeks.

Since then, she's tried to keep her success, appearing on various programmes and co-hosting a Scottish lifestyle show. She performed for the Pope back in 2010, and now spends her time writing as a columnist for the Glasgow Evening Times. Just a slight change in direction then?

Matt Cardle

You might be thinking, 'I defintley remember him', but would you really remember him if you were asked to name some X Factor stars?

This painter-turned-singer won the recent 2011 X Factor, and enjoyed a short lived fame with his number 1 single 'When We Collide'. Since then he's released 2 albums, and did relatively well, until he released his 2012 single 'It's Only Love' which peaked at 175 in the charts.

While his series co-stars One direction are lapping up the fame, we're hoping Matt's working hard to make a comeback, because we think he really was worthy of the crown!

By Emma Cocker