The Apprentice contestant Steven Ugoalah thinks he can make it as a million in the "next four years".

Fired in last night's episode alongside Sarah Dales and Ella Jade Bitton, he still believes that he's going to go on and make it as a huge success.

Steven Ugoalah / Credit: BBC

Speaking to BANG Showbiz about what he enjoyed the most during the process, Steven explained: "The learning, the coming up with ideas, implementing strategies and learning how to make money.

"I'm going to be a millionaire in the next four years and that's thanks to what I learnt on the show."

He still insists that he has "no idea" why people found it "difficult" to get on with him, and responded to Robert Goodwin's claims that he bathes in vinegar.

"Well that just proved that he'd been going through my things inside the house, and I realised when he asked me about it, I thought about it afterwards and I was like, 'Geez is this guy going through my stuff?' I was a bit concerned.

"But maybe that's why he didn't want to put himself up for project manager, because he was too busy going through my things."

Meanwhile, Sarah believes that her strategy on the show was a viable one and still stands by it, despite it causing her to lose her place.

Asked where she thinks it went wrong for her, she said: "The problem was putting myself forward for project manager in the first week and the tactics and strategy I used to try and win the task didn't put me in a great light with the girls and therefore I felt that they wanted to push me out earlier."

Sarah added: "We needed to use our girl power, we needed to use our femininity to try and beat the boys, that's why I used that strategy."

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