Amanda Lamb says her boobs have shrunk since she started training for 'The Games'.The 'Place in The Sun' presenter is upset that her once ample chest has diminished.She said: "Sadly my boobs have shrunk. I've gone from a 34C to 34B - they're no longer the handful they were."The sexy star lost a stone during her gruelling three-month training schedule for the Channel 4 show and, despite her reduction in cleavage, admits she loves her newly svelte figure.She told Britain's Closer magazine: "I'm a size 10-12, which is fantastic. My tummy muscles have tightened, as has my bottom, but the main difference is my legs. It's as though someone has stretched them - they're slimmer and more toned. My face looks better too, and the weight's fallen off my arms."I love being skinny and I'm really looking forward to putting on a bikini."