Picture Credit: VH1
Picture Credit: VH1

As always, we start with post-elimination and after winning the lip-sync, Kandy Muse felt less celebratory than she (and we) thought she would.

Tamisha Iman only somewhat fuelled Kandy to do better, in the end.

While Kandy was in a winning pity party, Elliott with 2 Ts pointed out that the past two queens she had paired with have been sent home. I’m sat here wondering how long before she is in the bottom two.

It’s a new week with new challenges and its one of our favourite mini-challenges…

The Library is open!

First up was our lovely Scottish queen Rosé and she delivered some good reads but not as good as our younger queen Gottmik.

Gottmik threw some shady reads out, even calling out her "mean girl" crew. Telling Kandy, she is representing the pug community (talk about harsh) and Tina Burner wasn't safe either, being told she had a football player build.

This week’s Maxi Challenge gave us the long-awaited (not really) return of the Bossy Rossy Show fronted by Ross Mathews.

Just hearing the name gives me flashbacks to giant babies and pickles.

Ru told the girls they will be in scene partners on the set of a trashy late-night talk show and picked who would be in each group.

Rosé, LaLa Ri and Denali would be improv the invisible boyfriend skit.

Gottmik, Utica Queen and Olivia Lux would appear as mines.

Symone and Kandy are to improv former teen queens.

Leaving, Tina and Elliot to improv scene as close friends who fell out over one of their 600-pound ass.

With the queens reading through their scenarios, Kandy kept thinking about Michelle’s words from last week: to bring something different than the usual banjee style. However, Symone did not seem convinced this was the right challenge.

Due to Elliott having been paired up her the last two queens to be sent home, Tina was on the edge of her seat feeling worried for herself.

Our sweet little Olivia is evil, did you see her manipulate Utica to get the role she wanted and then say, “I might end up in the top”.

I was gagged.

The first partners to film with Ross was Denali, Rosé and LaLa Ri.

While Rosé and Denali burst with fully imagined characters taking on roles of the stereotypical woman known for being on trashy talk shows. It showed the creative spark between the two, LaLa Ri was left flat and every joke she attempted fell flat and outshined by her other partners.

The next scene partners were Gottmik, Olivia Lux and Utica.

Both Gottmik and Olivia played strong characters and worked well to their advantage. Gottmik played an intellectual psychologist promoting a new book, Olivia as the 20 years silent mime and Utica as Olivia’s mother. Unfortunately for Utica she dressed as a very young club going girl and made no sense with the storyline.

Kandy improv a laid-back character that was not loud enough for her scene but the back and forth between her and Ross was pretty decent.

I’m just glad Symone came onto the set with her outgoing personality that saved the whole scene, she proved she had a creative side that could have won her this challenge.

Finally, the last on the set was Tina and Elliott.

Tina BOUNCED onto the set loudly, flashing her big botty and using her football player build to make everyone laugh by the physical comedy. This is bad news for Elliot, as she doesn’t have a big personality to match Tina’s energy, which caused it impossible to notice her.

Her big breasts didn’t even help her.

While the queens got ready for the runway, we had backstories time.

Symone opened up about her older brother going to jail and she felt due to that she could never show vulnerability or failure around anyone.

Elliott also opened up to Tina about why she is seen holding herself back in the competition. She spoke emotionally about suffering from clinical depression and that it has a draining effect on her and that she feels no one understands that part of her life. Elliott explained that she pays so much attention to her moods that she can’t relate to the other queens or be vulnerable to other people.

Tina and Elliott bonded closely other their shared experiences with depression and hopefully, now we get to see a little more of Elliott.

It’s runway time and the main staged was ready for the “bead it” theme.

All the girls looked amazing, but you could tell which looks were not polished enough.

Another week and Rosé and Denali are classed as safe yet again along with Tina and Gottmik.

With Kandy, Olivia and Symone taking the top spots it was a shame to see LaLa Ri, Utica and Elliott get critique for lacking on the set and not matching their partner's energy.

Olivia Lux took home this week’s maxi challenge win for the second time in a row and who could blame her? She is showing through with her challenges.

Unfortunately, it was LaLa and Elliott in the bottom lip-syncing it out to Kelly Clarkson’s “Whole Lotta Woman”. We have already seen the fiery performance LaLa can do but was overshadowed by Elliott’s dancing cause her to sashay away.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 continues on Saturdays, exclusive to Netflix in the UK.

Words by Bethan Case for Female First.