With more and more RuPaul's Drag Race UK news trickling out each week, we've been thinking about all of the brilliant moments of the past, that we've seen as part of the original American series.

One of the best aspects of the show is the runway, in which talented drag queens have shown off their sewing skills (or chunky bank balance) by bringing some gagworthy looks front-and-centre, making Drag Race herstory!

Here are seven of the best runway looks we've seen so far (in no particular order!)...

7. Peppermint's Club Kid Couture - Season 9, Episode 9

One of our favourite themes came in Season 9, when Drag Race producers decided it was past time to celebrate the Club Kid herstory of the industry. Peppermint delivered a signature piece, with a costume that showed exactly who she was, whilst paying tribute to all of those who have paved the way for her and her fellow queens.

6. Asia O'Hara's Hats Incredible - Season 10, Episode 6

Gimmicks can, nowadays, be written off as over-the-top or bordering on the ridiculous, but Asia O'Hara played it perfectly with her dandelion-inspired headpiece. The icing on the cake was the delicate blowing of 'dandelion seeds', forcing a huge 'YAAAAS!' out of everybody watching. This look took some careful planning and consideration, and for that, Asia should be celebrated.

5. Aquaria's Mermaid Fantasy - Season 10, Episode 7

It's hard to pick just one of Aquaria's many inspiring looks during her Drag Race run and eventual win; you could probably do an entire list of gagworthy offerings from the Season 10 champion! It was her tragic take on a mermaid lucky enough to survive the pollution of an oil slick that really stuck in the mind, though. Using brains and beauty, she blew us all away.

4. Courtney Act's Animal Kingdom Couture - Season 6, Episode 9

Without a doubt one of the prettiest queens to step foot on the Drag Race runway, Courtney Act had us all with our jaws on the floor when she popped up her wings during the Animal Kingdom Couture runway. She'd been told to "stop relying on that body", so she really pulled out all of the stops to show she wasn't a one trick pony. Those wings will stick with us forever!

3. Violet Chachki's Death Becomes Her - Season 7, Episode 6

She surely must have been in a lot of pain during this runway! Violet Chacki is clearly a queen who's not afraid of suffering for her art, as she cinched her waist in what can only be described as an incredibly unhealthy way, during the Death Becomes Her runway. For her sacrifices, we are grateful, as we were treated to something unlike anything we'd ever seen on Drag Race before; and surely unlike anything we'll see in the future!

2. Valentina's White Party Realness - Season 9, Episode 2

When she wasn't embarrassing herself in that infamous lip sync, Valentina was actually a stellar Drag Race competitor. Her beautiful White Party Realness look saw her rock a gorgeous wedding dress, bouquet in hand, and we were willing to ignore the nude pumps because of the beautiful makeup she paired with her outfit.

1. Kim Chi's Book Ball - Season 8, Episode 8

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

One of the most underrated winning looks in the show's herstory has to be Kim Chi's Book Ball lewk. Going up against strong competition in a season packed full of incomparable talent (Naomi's Book Ball look, for example!), Kim Chi always managed to turn out a runway that'd leave us smiling. This was one of her best, and reminded us of the flowers in the Super Mario video game!

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