Picture Credit: VH1
Picture Credit: VH1

As we are a third of the way through the season, there is no better time to take a look back at the best moments the show has thrown our way so far...

1. Herstory in the making

Our beloved contestant, Gottmik made Drag Race herstory by being the first transgender male drag artist to enter the competition.

2. The Porkchop Loading Dock

Named after the very first Drag Race contestant to be sent packing, even with all of the drama brought along with the Porkchop Loading Dock, we loved every second!

The losing queens from the lip-sync extravaganza in our first episode sent Elliott with 2 T’s 'home' and caused a lot of drama, none more than when Elliott returned to the competition!

3. Utica Queen's hilarious and brilliant nostalgic story

Utica revealed that when she was growing up, she was allergic to strawberries. So, when she went to the runway, she decided to put a giant one on her head! Iconic.

4. The important mental health talks

Elliott and Tina Burner had a truly heart-warming moment as Elliott opened up about feeling shut out by the other queens. When she later spoke about her ongoing fight with depression, we witnessed one of the strongest bonding moments in Drag Race herstory.

The attention given to this conversation is something that has hit home with most fans and we are grateful for the scene of such an important topic.

5. Tamisha Iman's fierce lip-syncing

Though she admitted she wasn't able to give everything she would usually give, because of her recovery from cancer, we loved seeing Tamisha take to the stage and serve for the Gods. We can't wait to see her on a future All Stars season.

6. Kandy Muse versus Tamisha Iman: An earning of respect

The loud, New York queen versus the mother role is something that doesn't happen often but with this season it has been SUPER rocky.

These two were at each other's throats over the littlest thing and for them to lip-sync against each other was the perfect ending to their rivalry.

7. The Library is open!

Picture Credit: VH1
Picture Credit: VH1

Gottmik brutally reading both Kandy and Tina is one to remember. As for Elliott though? Perhaps she should've sat this one out. The second-hand embarassment was REAL!

8. Symone and Olivia Lux's outstanding improv episode

Symone stood out so much as Lil' Deb Deb aka DebOrah, stealing the whole improv challenge for me! Olivia meanwhile as the ex-mime who hardly spoke was a scene stealer.

9. Anne Hathaway’s iconic guest appearance via video link

Seeing Anne giving the contestants tips and advice on how to perform in the Rusical is something we will all remember!

10. Symone versus Kandy Muse in an iconic lip-sync for the ages

We all knew that putting two of Ru’s favourites in the bottom was going to be something to look forward to, and both Symone and Kandy brought it.

They were equally fierce, passionate and had all the perfect moves and kept us all guessing who would go home. It was quite funny to see Kandy's reaction when they enjoyed a double shantay!

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 continues Fridays in the US and Saturdays in the UK, where it's exclusive to Netflix.

Words by Bethan Case for Female First

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