Picture Credit: VH1
Picture Credit: VH1

One of my favourite episodes has arrived; it's ball season, babes!

Get your mind out of the gutter, I know what you were thinking...

With a whopping 36 outfits, our racers strutted the runway with balls, balls and more balls.

The episode started followings Kahmora’s elimination and Kandy throwing some shade at Elliott. She told everyone that she thought Elliott should have been in the bottom; and her belief that Symone is her biggest competition. Miss Tamisha Iman disagreed fast and snapped right back, and I mean, by this point it is pretty obvious she does not like Kandy; drama, please?

The Mini Challenge of the episode is getting into baby drag and dancing it out, baby style. It was... weird.

With LaLa Ri winning, Ru announces the Maxi Challenge - “The Bag Ball” - with three categories. The first was to be a “Mixed Bag”: a look that includes the word bag in the description; the second was a “Money Bag”" a businesswoman special; and the final look must be a high fashion look created from entirely out of bags.

The only problem with the ball episode is that it is hard to appreciate all the outfits in a short amount of time. I can barely process it!


Our beloved two-time winner showed us some flaws this week. The girl cannot sew! How you going to come onto Drag Race, knowing damn well that there will be sewing challenges! Her first two looks knocked out the park: they screamed Diana Ross. Her final look was okay, a simple bra and skirt.


Luckily for Denali, she was not in the bottom this week, her looks were fun, creative and beautiful. For Mixed Bag, she went with dummy bag and for Money Bag was pure Cruella de Vil. Her handmade look was just paper glued onto a corset, but the judges didn’t take any notice.

Elliott with Two Ts

This week was not my favourite for Elliott. I feel like she is not trying half the time and needs to go home but never actually makes it in the bottom two? Her first two looks were not the best and her handmade bag look was probably the one that kept her safe.

Olivia Lux

Now, Olivia should have been in the top this week. Her outfits were fantastic. It was a bit awkward with the boxer look like Symone did that first and dare I say, better, but she constantly stays winning for me. I’m glad to see her safe this week.


WOW, wow and oh wow! I am obsessed with Gottmik after this week, all three looks are out of this world and she deserved top spot this week. Her money bag look left us all gagged! I get Aquaria vibes from her, being young and fashion-forward. Her and Utica deserved this week, and it was difficult to decide who should get the win.


Rosé's Scottish look was dashing, she suited it and won some high placements. With polished and prepared looks, she got her standards high in the top three this week. However, I feel like Ru may be setting the girl up, just like Jan.

Tina Burner

The looks Tina had this week was great; I liked them but didn’t love them. I think putting red or yellow in every look it is getting boring now and she needs to change it up quick. I did think her Money Bag look was amazing though.

Kandy Muse

With a loudmouth and no filter, this fiery queen is not afraid to say what is what. Her looks served her as safe and I can imagine she will be safe for a while, being the loud queen. I want to see her let loose because it’s clear Tamisha does not like her.

Tamisha Iman

I am not a fan of Tamisha; something doesn’t quite sit with me. Maybe it is the ‘I’m the oldest and I look down on you for doing different drag to me’ vibe I get off her. Her looks got her in the bottom and as she is a pageant queen, it is quite worrisome.


I’m going to start by saying she has stolen my heart. She is just adorable and weird, and her looks this week? Whew! Her handmade look was out of the bag, literally. Who can take a look that good with sleeping bags, like what? If Gottmik didn’t win this episode, it definitely would have been Utica.

Joey Jay

Oh, Joey Jay, I wish we got to see more of you. It was such a shame that she went so soon but she delivered mediocre looks this week and it landed her in the bottom. Going against LaLa Ri in an Iggy Azalea lip sync was only going to send her home; she never stood a chance sadly.

LaLa Ri

My child LaLa Rr, why did you mess up so badly on your handmade look?! Paper bags glued so badly on a corset is so stupid. But I am not sorry she was in the bottom top, because that lip sync was killer and so glad, she stayed.

I think next week episode will be just as impactful as this one. I think Kandy and Tamisha will have a full-blown fight and I’m here for it.

What did you think of this episode?

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 continues Saturdays on Netflix in the UK.

Words by Bethan Case for Female First