RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 may be coming to an end, but when it comes to the final four queens, there’s so little between them that we think it’s going to be one of the closest finales the series has ever seen! Here, we rank the final four queens; let’s see how close we are to the final result when all is said and done next week!

RuPaul will choose a season 9 winner next week

RuPaul will choose a season 9 winner next week

4. Trinity Taylor

There’s no bottom when it comes to this list, figuratively speaking, but Trinity Taylor is likely the queen who’ll be finishing up in fourth place. She’s had a great number of competition wins and placing highly, but when she’s put up against the other three queens fighting it out for the crown, she seems to fall to the wayside. This is not taking away from Trinity’s talents at all – she’s an incredible worker – but we just don’t see her snatching the crown and representing this season as the winner.

3. Peppermint

In the past few weeks, Peppermint has seen a surge of popularity. She’s an incredible lip-syncer and, with the news that a lip-sync tournament will take place in the live finale, she could be well on her way to winning. When putting her record up against that of the rest of the queens however, could she really take the crown without a riot breaking out? We’re not sure. We’re behind Peppermint 100%; let’s hope that Ru and the audience at the live show are as well.

2. Shea Coulee

Shea is without a doubt one of this season’s top standouts. She’s consistently done well in challenges and her take on Blac Chyna during the Kardashians musical is something that will be talked about in the drag community for years to come. It’s going to be an extremely close call between her and Sasha for the crown, but when it comes down to it, we’ve always got one lady on our mind when we think of RPDR season 9…

1. Sasha Valour

Unique. Fashionable. Trendsetter. Just a few words to describe the incomparable talent that is Sasha Velour. We’ve never had anybody like Sasha on Drag Race, which just goes to show that the drag art form is one that’s constantly shifting and evolving. It’s time for that evolution to be given the recognition it deserves. Sasha represents the future of drag and for that she should be rewarded. What better way to do so than by giving her the RPDR crown, $100,000 and a supply of cosmetics?

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