The United Kingdolls / Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder/Guy Levy
The United Kingdolls / Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder/Guy Levy

This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 2 was one of the most exciting of all time, for a bunch of different reasons.

We had the remaining competitors finally returning to the competition after seven months of coronavirus lockdown; the comeback of one of the eliminated Queens due to one of those still in the game testing positive for Covid-19; and one of the campest challenges in Drag Race history.

For the first time ever, RuRuVision was our Maxi Challenge, with the eight racers split into two groups of four, battling it out with their own unique renditions of original track UK Hun?. Each contestant was also tasked with coming up with their own lyrics to add unique verses to the track, along with choreography and costuming for their performance in front of the judging panel.

Lucky returnee Joe Black was serving as the team leader on one side, whilst Lawrence Chaney was tasked with putting together the opposing group after winning the challenge on Week 4. Their names? Bananadrama and the United Kingdolls respectively.

Though we absolutely loved the silliness of the Bananadrama performance, it was the ‘UKD’ that really smashed this one out of the park. Lawrence delivered some hilarious lyrics, poking fun at themselves because of their lack of dancing and singing skill, whilst we got slick rap vocals from Tayce, gender-bending progressive lyrics from Bimini and sex, sex, sex from A’Whora.

The four drag artists put together one of the most memorable tracks in the show’s history, making many of those watching at home feel the same way they did when they saw Season 1’s Frock Destroyerz take to the stage for the first time, for their rendition of Break Up (Bye Bye) - which led to an album release!

When it comes to the United Kingdolls however, we think they should stay on theme and throw their hats into the ring for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. As far as we’re aware, no official selection has yet taken place for the UK. Why not send these ready-made drag queens to Rotterdam in the Netherlands where they will undoubtedly rack up more points than any of our recent entries, and maybe even sweep the whole competition?

Casting them aside and not giving them consideration would be a major mistake on the part of the selection committee. BBC Studios and BMG - make the right choice!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK continues Thursdays at 7pm, exclusive to BBC Three. Eurovision makes its return this May; plenty of time to snap up the United Kingdolls!

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Our racers battled it out in one of the most exciting challenges of the season to-date... READ MORE

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