Neighbours is one of the most successful TV soaps in the world, with a whole slew of exciting storylines and compelling characters that ensure viewing audiences keep coming back for more. In a brand new storyline, Toadie’s former wife who he thought dead, Dee, has returned from the grave in shocking scenes. We caught up with actor Ryan Moloney who plays Toadie to find out more…

Neighbours airs on Channel 5, weekdays – 1.45pm & 5.30pm

Neighbours airs on Channel 5, weekdays – 1.45pm & 5.30pm

Now that Dee has made her return to Neighbours, can you tell us how Toadie will be dealing with her comeback?

First he is relieved that she is alive and is sad about everything she had to go through. He is not too sure how he should feel or how to deal with it and tries to be honest with his feelings.

Was it an exciting challenge to film these emotionally-charged scenes?

Yes, I knew it was going to be some full on emotions and I was apprehensive about putting myself through it, but I was excited at the challenge of doing it as well.

Toadie’s current marriage with Sonya is strained – will Dee’s return put more pressure on that?

Well your dead wife coming back can only spell trouble for your strained relationship! I can’t imagine things going well.

Is there a chance that this Dee isn’t the real Dee at all?

Of course there is a chance, it’s a soap! But what can you do when the DNA says it is her?

What kind of impact will Dee’s return have on Erinsborough moving forward?

With any character returning this has an impact on everyone; some good and some bad, but you will just have to watch it to find out.

You’re one of the most iconic actors in Neighbours history; how have you seen the show evolve?

All I can really say is with time, Toadie has got better looking and that’s probably the biggest change! (laughs)

Toadie has been through a lot – is there any particular direction you’d like to see him take in a storyline moving ahead?

I think after this current storyline I wouldn’t mind seeing Toadie in a coma for a month; I need a rest! But in all seriousness, I’d like Toadie to start fly fishing – would be a good sport.

Can you tell us about a typical day on the set of Neighbours? If indeed there are any ‘typical’ days!

There are no typical days on the Neighbours set, that’s for sure. You could be there for 30 minutes or 12 hours; you could be crying one minute and laughing the next.

We saw you do Celebrity Big Brother here in the UK; would you consider doing more reality TV in the future?

I wouldn’t mind doing a survival style reality show where you have to create your own shelter, find your own food…

Finally, what else do you have coming up in the next few months?

Over the next few months we are dealing with the repercussions of Dee’s return. This is one of the best storylines I have been involved in and I’m very proud of. I can’t wait for our fans to see these episodes.

Neighbours airs on Channel 5, weekdays – 1.45pm & 5.30pm.

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