Tuna caught in a net / Picture Credit: Artgrid
Tuna caught in a net / Picture Credit: Artgrid

As the latest documentary to take to the top of the Netflix charts, Seaspiracy shares claims of ocean exploitation with viewers.

After its release in late March, the film, directed by British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi, has garnered a great deal of attention across social media.

The shock factor of the claims made in this documentary is what has made it the main topic dominating our conversations and our timelines since it first came onto our screens.

The picture aims to uncover the leading cause of marine destruction and hopes to raise awareness to issues obstructing their mission, and the goals of so many others: to save the seas.

Environmental issues have piqued the interest of a lot of people, and we have seen environmental and ecological considerations being taken a great deal more in the last several years. People across both the nation and the world have taken to implementing measures and adapting their own lifestyles in order to help combat plastic pollution and global warming.

One of the fishing boats featured in Seaspiracy / Picture Credit: Sea Shepherd
One of the fishing boats featured in Seaspiracy / Picture Credit: Sea Shepherd

People all over have reportedly shared on social media and to their friends some very bold statements; from "I'll never eat fish again", to immeditely turning to veganism.

The shocking nature of this exposé documentary on the fishing industry and some of the practices that this show gives us a glimpse into, is the reason for many people looking to change and re-evaluate their lifestyles.

A majority of reactions and response to this whistle-blower documentary signals that notice is being taken and, it does not seem that this is about to be a subject that is going to be brushed off or ignored anytime soon.

Fishermen at Dolphin Cove / Picture Credit: Ali Tabrizi
Fishermen at Dolphin Cove / Picture Credit: Ali Tabrizi

Recent years has seen environmental concerns making their way to the forefront of people's minds to the point where it is now commonplace in day-to-day discussions and decisions for many; even down to remembering to take your own carrier bags to the supermarkets.

But as awareness grows, deception and secrecy seemingly become more and more shocking. As people continue to learn and take accountability and adapt their diets and shopping habits, they want to feel that they can put their trust in brands and labels. Yet, this documentary suggests that even the most reputable labels can not necessarily be trusted.

It may be interesting to see how the response to this documentary develops and what stems from it. At a time where people are regularly keeping up with topical discussions regarding the environment and indeed have the time to look into such topics, this kind of documentary is unlikely to go away quietly as just another tick off the Netflix watchlist.

Seaspiracy is available to watch now, exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

Words by JBayleyWrites for Female First.

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