San Diego Comic-Con may be over for another year, but that doesn't mean we have to stop reflecting on the event and all of the teases that it brought with it!

Fear The Walking Dead / Credit: AMC

Fear The Walking Dead / Credit: AMC

It's easy to get lost when sifting through everything that was announced during the long weekend, but we've got you covered for television trailers here. Take a look at our roundup below...

American Gods

Coming to Starz at some point in 2017, American Gods will be the first season of action from the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman's contemporary fantasy novel of the same name. Gaiman has said that these first episodes will cover around 'the first third' of the book, so strap in for at least three years - having just finished reading the novel, this looks like a faithful and exciting small screen debut.

Arrow (season 5)

Oliver Queen returns for a fifth season on The CW and looks forced to rebuild not only himself, but the city around him. Bringing together vigilantes and hoping to turn them into heroes, Team Arrow looks to be gaining an injection of fresh new talent this year. The show returns on October 5 in the US.

Marvel's The Defenders

Okay, so this might not be the most exciting reveal the weekend had to offer, but just the renewed promise of a teaming up of heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist is enough to hype Marvel fans for the future. Big things await for the Marvel/Netflix collaboration...

The Exorcist

Look away now if you're not a fan of horror. FOX are bringing the scares to the small screen with this adaptation of the classic 1973 movie, debuting later this year and inspired by William Blatty's original novel. The Exorcist comes to FOX in the US on September 23.

The Flash (season 3)

The Scarlet Speedster is back, but he's returning to a world different to the one he's used to. After altering the timeline, Barry Allen is living in a version of the universe he's never seen before. His mother is alive, but those who were once close to him are now in utterly different positions. Did we mention the show's adapting hugely popular comic book arc Flashpoint? It's gonna be an exciting season and it comes to The CW on Tuesday, October 4.

Fear The Walking Dead (season 2B)

They may no longer be on a boat, but our group of survivors in Fear The Walking Dead are now headed to Mexico to see what they can make of the zombie apocalypse.

Gotham (season 3)

Giving highlights from the second season for those a little rusty with their memory, and offering a sneak peak of the new footage we should expect from the third season's premiere episode, Gotham returns with its exuberant cast of heroes and villains on FOX in the US, on Monday September 19.

Marvel's Iron Fist

Another Marvel trailer that doesn't really give too much away, we see Finn Jones in the titular role for the first time, and it looks like he's going to quite literally pack a punch. It'll be interesting to see if this series can live up to what Daredevil and Jessica Jones have already laid down.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (season 2)

There's a new threat to the future coming to Legends of Tomorrow, with our team now banding together to confront a group of familiar faces with evil intent. The CW brings the show back to viewers on October 13.


One that I hadn't heard much about until SDCC, Legion follows troubled young David Haller, who realises he may be more than human. Schizophrenic and in and out of psychiatric care for years, a strange encounter with another patient leaves him wondering if the voices and visions he sees are real. This new original series from FX and Marvel comes to screens early next year.

Marvel's Luke Cage

Netflix brings Luke Cage to their service in his own series on September 30, and this dark but fun teaser from the show ensures we'll be watching. Left with super strength and unbreakable skin following an experiment gone wrong, Cage becomes a fugitive hoping to rebuild his life and bury his past. Threats to his home of Harlem, New York City however means he's forced out of the shadows - just who will he be going up against? We'll find out very soon...

The Man in the High Castle (season 2)

Surprisingly topical in the United States at the moment, The Man in the High Castle imagines exactly what the world would look like if Hitler had won the war and Nazis had taken over. Not a nice thought, but compelling viewing for sure. The Amazon Original Series is expected to return before the end of the year.

The Originals (season 4)

Spending one thousand years protecting their family, vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and brother Elijah will do anything to survive. With the city being shaken by the arrival of mysterious new New Orleans resident Lucien, drama, death and romance is on the horizon. The Originals returns to The CW this fall.

Sherlock (series 4)

'It's not a game anymore.' That's what fans are being told ahead of all-new episodes of Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and company are back after a long absence and look to be in more danger than ever before. Though filming is underway, the show is not expected to officially return to the BBC until some point in 2017.

Star Trek: Discovery

Netflix offered just a small glimpse of the new Star Trek series they're bringing to their platform in January 2017. Looking at U.S.S. Discovery, the newest ship in the universe on its test flight, the video shows off some beautiful special effects which we'll be seeing a lot more of in the New Year.

The Walking Dead (season 7)

Negan really wasn't messing around when he said Carl's group would pay for everything they'd done to the Saviors. Seeing a snippet of the past for each of the 11 characters in danger of meeting their end when the show returns for its seventh season, a glimpse into the future is also offered, including a look at new character Ezekiel, new location The Kingdom and Ezekiel's ferocious pet tiger. The show returns across the world on AMC in the US and FOX in the UK on Monday, October 24.

Vikings (season 4B)

Fans are invited to return to Ragnar Lothbrok's brutal world, as he explores his options and chases his ambitions of exploring the shores across the ocean, raiding what he can and bringing innovation to his civilisation. The show returns to HISTORY in September.

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