Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Can you tell us about your character and how he comes to the Street?

Yes, he's called Aidan Connor and he's a distant cousin of Michelle Connor. He's a Mancunian-Irish, which just fits like a glove for me as I am also Manc-Irish. I couldn't have been happier! Aidan comes to the Street when he receives a secret phone call to tell him that Carla's in a bit of financial bother with the factory and he goes to Weatherfield to see what's going on! We have also cast his dad and sister now so I am excited about being part of a new Corrie clan!

What about first day - how was that?

I think a first day in any new job is nerve wracking. I think I can hide it quite well though! I'm actually ok - what I liked about it was that it seemed really relaxed and everyone seemed really chilled. I was nervous about meeting some of the established characters. Seeing someone like William Roache in the corridor and have him say 'hello' to you is just surreal - it is a show I have watched all my life.

Are you a big Corrie fan then? Have you grown up with it?

I am a massive Corrie fan, yes. I'm a soap fan in general - as are most of my family. But I love Corrie. It's a huge dream to be in it now - I never thought I'd come into the show. it's mind boggling.

What was your audition like?

I enjoyed it, I didn't feel any real pressure as I didn't necessarily think I would get the part.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Is Aidan a nice guy?

Of course he's a nice guy. Aidan's always willing to help. He's got some charisma and charm, but at the same time, if you double cross a Connor, they all come together. It's the same with any big close family I think. You don't want to cross a Connor! We can take the mick out of each other but if people outside the family do the same, they won't stand for it. That's definitely the kind of character he is, so it's going to be fun to see what the writers come up with for him. He could become a little bit nasty - who knows!

Have you got to work with Kym Marsh and Sarah Harding much?

Sarah had pretty much finished once I started. I've had a fair few scenes with her as Michelle and Aidan are cousins and go way back.

Are you going to be able to carry on your music as well as doing this?

Yes. More than anything it's about getting a fine balance. Understandably now I'm in Coronation Street I will be perceived primarily as an actor. My album was released in April and I'm still looking to do some summer shows as well. It's been over four years since my last album was out so I'd like to do some live shows otherwise there's no point in bringing a new album out.

How did you react when you found out you'd got the part?

I was staying at my mums and I was in my old bedroom. I got a phone call telling me I'd got the part! I knocked on my mum's bedroom door and she was watching TV. I had my boxers on so I said 'I'm sorry mum but I've got to come in!" I sat on the end of her bed and told her I'd got the part. The smile on her face was incredible. For any son or daughter to get to say that to their parents who are massive Coronation Street fans it's a big thing. It was a nice moment.

Have you had a favourite character on the Street over the years?

I love Roy. I just think he's such a great character. I haven't spoken to David Neilson properly yet. I like Ken too and was thrilled to meet William Roache, he's a legend.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

How do you think you'll deal with the fame that comes with being in the show- is it hard to adjust to?

Going back to when I won the X Factor, the first thing I really had to get used to was the fact that people I didn't know knew my name and knew who I was! It was mind blowing that people actually wanted autographs from me.

I don't know if it's going to be any different to that with Corrie, but I think it probably will be as Corrie is on five times a week. I'm ready for it. Maybe they will call me Aidan instead of Shayne, that would be fun!

So has he come to the Weatherfield to help Carla?

The Connors always step up when there are any family or close friend concerns. Even though Carla might not have seen Aidan for a while, I think he probably has a fresh approach to her situation and might be able to help her out of a sticky situation. I think it'll be a good thing. It's been awhile since we've had a Connor man on the cobbles so I think it's time.

What's his job going to be?

He will have some dealings with the factory because he wants to help out in any way he can. You can say he's a businessman. He's very ambitious! Other than that you'll have to wait and see! Out it this way I have lots of scenes in the factory with all those women! Tough job but someone has got to do it!

Have you been working out or getting in the gym more in preparation for the role?

I love my food but to be honest I keep in shape in anyway I can. I suppose if it came down to it and I was told that they wanted me to do some topless scenes then I'd have to make sure I felt confident. I am told he might have a love interest not too far down the line so I am anticipating there might be the odd scene of me coming topless out of the bedroom!

Can you see Aidan having any run ins with other characters?

Oh God yes! I reckon some people on the Street will be asking who Aidan thinks he is! Particularly business minded people. I'm looking forward to Aidan having some run-ins with some familiar Weatherfield faces. I already know about one rivalry he is going to have with another man on the street.

How long will you be here?

I've signed for a year so that's great. After that I guess it'll all depend on whether the public like the character and how they react to him.

What was the most nerve wracking thing for you - standing in front of Simon Cowell or your first day at Corrie?

They were both nerve wracking - but in very different ways! Back in the day on the very first live show I was only 21. There were 3 judges and millions at home watching. All you can think is 'Don't mess up'. Comparing that to standing in front of well-established actors that I've been watching on TV for years and thinking 'Is this even real?!' is really hard. It's really quite chilled here - I'm surprised I'm not more nervous than I am.

How was it seeing the Street for the first time?

That was amazing. I came in for an induction day and that was cool. I got to see a scene going on and took a sneaky selfie in front of the Rovers. It still doesn't feel real now, I don't think it'll sink in for a long, long time.

Is there anyone taking you under their wing to look after you?

The actors that I'm working with - so Ali King and Ben Price, because I've been doing scenes with them. Having said that everyone is so relaxed and chilled I don't feel under pressure - everyone's come up to say hello and have made me feel really welcome.

Who you sharing a dressing room with?

I'm in with Andy Whyment and Colson Smith. They're lovely. The clothes they put Kirk in - it's too funny! It's great being with them.

What's Aidan's wardrobe like?

I don't think they want to make me look too old - but just because he's strong and ambitious doesn't mean he has to be in a suit all the time. I think they'll keep me young-ish, but respectable.

If you had to choose music or acting which would you choose?

I would never answer that question. In this day and age if you're given an opportunity then you should go for it. You don't want to blink and be 60/70 years old and regret not taking an opportunity.

How do you deal with social media?

It's my twitter account, it isn't managed by anyone so I do try and get on there when I can and chat with the fans. Will I look on twitter on my first episode...I don't know. I've been told we're all going round to my Mum's to watch it, which means I'll have to be there to watch as well! Not everyone is going to like what you do, but the majority of people that know me or like me will hopefully be positive.

Being from Manchester does the show feel like a perfect fit?

Absolutely. It feels like a match made in heaven. I don't have to travel far to get to work now! It's 25 minutes from my mum's, and I only live in Derbyshire. I love that I'm from Manchester and I'm in a Manchester show. I'm very lucky.

Shayne's first Corrie scenes will air towards the end of the month.