Hitting reality TV streaming service hayu tomorrow (May 5), new series Second Wives Club will introduce six women living and loving in Los Angeles with their significant others. To find out a little more about the series, we spoke to cast member Shiva Safai all about what we should expect when the show hits the small screen. Read on to find out what she had to say…

The cast of Second Wives Club

The cast of Second Wives Club

What should new viewers of Second Wives Club expect from the series?

Honestly it is a really great show with women who go through real life struggles together. It’s not fabricated and made up drama, but instead real life struggles where you see tears, laughter and a great amount of comedy. I think that’s where this show has a great twist to it, because a lot of reality television doesn’t have that level of comedy. It’s super fun and we’re a group of women who truly support each other and get through things by being there for each other.

Do you think the show changes perceptions of what a ‘second wife’ is?

Definitely, because the viewers will get to know what we are really like in our everyday lives. It’s easy for people to understand more because they see the struggles and differences of having step kids and being a modern family. A modern family is something that a lot of people have nowadays so [they] will be able to relate to it.

What are some of the most extravagant things you’ve done in this lifestyle?

Well in this show you will see some of the extravagant things we do. There is a lot of fun, a lot of champagne and some really great, fun girl’s trips. We do a lot of fun things together on the show that are definitely a bit more extravagant.

What are the biggest challenges that come with being a part of a show like this?

There is the constant judgement that surrounds a show like this. People love to label you because of the size of your house and the person you are with. But it means that this show gives us a platform to show the viewers how different it is.

Shiva Safai
Shiva Safai

How long did it take for you to forget that the cameras were rolling?

Strangely enough, I think it was second nature and I was super comfortable the entire time. Honestly we have the best production crew and everyone became like a family. It was just a fun and truly great experience to be a part of and I didn’t have any times where I felt uncomfortable; I just felt as if I was in my element.

What’s the best thing about being you?

I feel like honestly my relationship with some of the girls really flourished and we created great friendship from on and off screen. I think that’s something I truly am grateful to have in my life. You will see how amazing mine and Mohamed’s relationship is and the love and respect we have for each other, and I think that’s pretty amazing.

Sometimes viewers find it hard to relate to cast in shows like this; what do you think is the most relatable thing about you?

I think there are just everyday pressures that a lot of people can relate to. In the show you see the constant pressures of getting married and having kids and it’s hard for anyone when those things are brought up. You also have friendships and dramas on the show that I think most people will relate to, as there are always those struggles in life.

Which members of the cast do you enjoy spending time with?

I’ve definitely become closest to Katy and Veronica. We just clicked instantly on the show and we see each other for drinks and lunches. We are involved in each other’s lives and love to catch up.

What sort of drama should we expect from the series?

You will see a lot of drama but I think you will also definitely see how much we support each other. We all have the same things in common and similar struggles so although there is a lot of drama, it’s really about a group of women supporting each other.

Finally, what’s next for you in the coming months?

I’m going to be doing a little bit of travelling soon, to the south of France, but I’m really excited for the show. I’m excited to see what it has to offer and what the viewers think of it!

Second Wives Club is available to stream and download from May 5 on hayu, and premieres on September 8 on E!.

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