Fayth Ifil, from Swindon, won the approval of the whole judging panel after singing Proud Mary in front of the audience.

Fayth Ifil, from Swindon

Fayth Ifil, from Swindon

After her performance, Cowell said: “You know, what I love about you, Fayth, I absolutely love your personality.

“And you talk about the support you had from your mum and dad, then you see the support you have had from 3,000 people.”

Judge David Walliams also heaped praise on Fayth.

He said: “I mean just occasionally, and it is very occasionally on this show, someone comes onto this stage and you think they are born to be a star.”

Before her performance, the young singer said that she wanted to “make her family proud”.

“I have lost confidence a little bit with a bit of negative energy from different schools from kids, but my mum and my dad, they help me get through that, which is why I’m here today.”

She added: “They are really supportive and if I doubt myself, my mum and dad just make me feel like I can do this.”

Other acts to impress the judges included Class Dynamix, a group of nine to 11-year-old schoolchildren who sang a song about bullying.

All of the judges said yes to the choir, who are from Leeds.

After they sang, Walliams said: “You performed it fantastically and you are putting such a positive message out there.”

It was a good night for young performers as Billy and Chantelle, aged 14 and 12 respectively, were also put through by all the judges.

The pair, who are from Birmingham, impressed the judges with their contemporary dance routine.

Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV next Saturday.