Coronation Street will air some of its most thrilling scenes in the Pat Phelan saga this week, as the murderer returns to the scene of the crime at the Mill and realises he has to move quickly if he’s to keep his crimes under wraps. With the bodies of his victims coming out of the water, Phelan realises that he must do something special if he’s to get rid of them for good, and turns to burying them in concrete to get the job done.

Could this be the end for Phelan? / Credit: ITV

Could this be the end for Phelan? / Credit: ITV

“We have crossed the Rubicon,” actor Connor McIntyre, who plays Phelan explains. “He thinks that this is a really clear way to sort this. I heard a description of Donald Trump, one of his ex-aides said, ‘Donald is the guy who doesn’t care if it is raining outside because he is inside.’ And that’s a pretty good description of our Pat, isn’t it?”

Moving the bodies and laying the concrete, Phelan thinks he has everything in order, but when he gets a phone call from Eileen, things start to go wrong.

“Can you believe it?! He has just text her to say he is on his way then puts his phone down for a second but then she phones at that moment and it starts vibrating on the plank,” McIntyre explains. “Just as he gets there to it, it drops in. He climbs in because it is not that full by then, not realising that once he is in he actually can’t get out.”

He continues: “To see him in that moment he thinks, ‘wow this could be it’. He is incredulous. In the same poetic ways that the bodies are going, he is going to be entombed in the concrete as well?”

Whether or not Pat will make it out of the concrete and if someone will rush to his aid remains to be seen! He’s a man who hasn’t got many friends left on the Street, but in this, his most dire time, can he rely on his own grit and determination to pull through all over again and fight on to live another day? We’ll find out this week!

Coronation Street continues throughout the week on ITV.

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