EastEnders actress Laila Morse, who has played Big Mo in the soap on and off for many years now, has spoken out about the soap and how she doesn’t think it’s as “fun” as it used to be.

Laila Morse would be up for returning to the soap

Laila Morse would be up for returning to the soap

Speaking to The Sun, she explained: “People come up to me in the street every day and ask why I’m not in EastEnders any more as Big Mo used to make people laugh.”

Morse added: “I still watch EastEnders, but it feels like all [the] fun has gone. It used to make people laugh. It’s not like that any more, it’s just not got the kick in it that it used to have.”

Despite that, she’s not against returning to the show, following her character’s move to Kent to live with her granddaughter in scenes shown last year.

“All of a sudden my character disappeared and I wasn’t in it any more,” she added, “but I’ve never officially left the show – I’ve never had a leaving party or a present.

“I hope Big Mo comes back. I like all the cast, they’re lovely people, so it would be good to film with them again.”

EastEnders continues throughout the week on BBC One.

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