The Mitchell sisters Ronnie and Roxy have been an on-screen unbreakable duo for almost a decade now in BBC One soap EastEnders, but last night’s (January 1) episode of the long-running series saw the pair bow out in tragic fashion.

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

After Ronnie was married to Jack Branning, the father-of-two was called upon by his kids to read them a bedtime story before he was allowed some alone time with his wife. Ronnie took this as an opportunity to have one final drink with her sister Roxy before the night was over, but the pair got a little too excited when they found a basement pool in the hotel they were staying.

Jumping into the pool, it soon became apparent that Roxy wasn’t coming up for air and when Ronnie jumped in with her wedding dress still on in a bid to save her sister, she got tangled up and couldn’t breathe. Together even in their final moments, the pair drowned in the swimming pool, the wedding dress enveloping the pair.

After the show, actress Samantha Womack who played Ronnie took to Twitter to admit that she was “honestly broken”. Rita Simons (Roxy) also commented and said she didn’t “really have words right now”.

EastEnders continues tonight (January 2) at 8pm on BBC One.

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