Lucy Pargeter has found Chas Dingle's stillbirth storyline "harrowing" on the 'Emmerdale' set.

Lucy Pargeter

Lucy Pargeter

The 41-year-old soap star has used a Tear Stick in the past to help get the emotion she needs, but after giving birth to twins 13 months ago via IVF, her character's heartbreak has left her devastated.

She told The Sun newspaper: "In the past Tear Stick used to help bring on the tears, then emotion would follow if I couldn't find it naturally. But I've recently had children and we are talking about a baby with this storyline, so it's not hard to find the emotion there.

"I certainly don't need Tear Stick with this... It's harrowing and its hard-going and it's horrendous and you do feel tired afterwards, but I'm not living it.

"I'm only pretending and for all those people who have something tragic like this in their lives, then who am I to complain about feeling tired or drained."

The devastating storyline has seen Chas left heartbroken after being told her unborn daughter will not survive, and it has proven tough for Lucy.

However, the proud mum has twins Missy and Betsy - who she had after several bouts of IVF treatment - and 13-year-old daughter Lola, and she revealed her girls help her wind down after an emotionally draining day on set.

She said: "I open the door and I've got three beautiful girls smiling at me; that makes me switch off straightaway.

"I leave everything at work and once I see them, reality immediately strikes and brings me back home."

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