Peter is at his wit’s end as he files through the clues of the investigation. He is still convinced there is a strong clue in the alias name ‘Maxine Trood’ but Tracey insists they have done a through search and nothing was found on the missing persons data base. Peter is further frustrated by a rattle that has been coming from the air vent for days – the maintenance guys still haven’t fixed it! Peter moves to fix it himself but as he starts to pry away the cover, McGrath races in to inform Peter the bomb squad are on the phone. Peter moves off, and returns with the info on the materials used in the bomb. Sure enough, they match those of the bomb at the country house a year ago – this is definitely the work of Zoe!! Peter’s attention is then drawn back to the rattle in the vent, which has grown louder. He pulls away the cover and is shocked to find the spy camera. Oh my god – that’s how Zoe has been getting her information! Peter rips in to his colleagues – how on earth could Zoe have passed security and plant a spy camera in the room?!Peter arrives home, exhausted after the events of the day, but his mind is still in overdrive. The name ‘Maxine Trood’ is playing on his mind but can’t figure out its significance. As Peter jots the name on a piece of paper, he remembers back to the previous pseudo names Zoe used. He begins to rearrange the letters on the page and suddenly the clue appears. The letters spell the phrase ‘I am next door’. Peter is stunned – Zoe has been living right next door! Peter pulls out his gun and cautiously approaches the door of Zoe’s apartment. Without warning, he forces the door open – but there is no one inside! Where on earth is Zoe? Peter calls on his team to search the premises and together they uncover an array of photos of Summer Bay residents, along with the materials to make a bomb! Peter has a thought and tells everyone to bail out. If Zoe doesn’t know they are there, then this is the perfect chance to capture her unawares when she arrives home! Peter is pumped for the showdown and remarks to Tracey that this will be the end of Zoe! But many a word spoken to soon…Peter’s phone beeps. It’s a message from Zoe and she hopes he likes her apartment! Peter slams his phone down – this was all part of Zoe’s sick and twisted game. Peter returns to the station, completely dampened by the ani-climax. He switches on his computer and is wary of an email from ‘tick’tock’. It’s an invitation from Zoe to meet him at the abattoir – alone – and just like old times. Peter is stunned, but is he willing to take the risk?Cassie has had enough and Macca’s attitude and prepares to confront him once and for all. Macca has no choice but to listen as Cassie makes it clear he has no reason to be jealous of Ric – he’s family and her family needs her right now. Macca tries to apologise for his overreaction but Cassie heads off, angry. Sally is preparing lunch when Cassie arrives home.Cassie begins to help Sally and wonders how she can broach the subject that is plaguing her mind. Sally is slightly thrown when Cassie begins to question if someone can change. The alarm bells start ringing and Sally wonders if Cassie is referring to Macca. Cassie admits that Macca has been getting snappy but plays it down, in attempt to stop Sally from worrying. Ric overhears the conversation and questions Cassie but when she becomes immediately defensive, he realises there is definitely more to the story! Ric later confronts Macca and leaves him with the stern warning that if Macca hurts Cassie in any way, he’ll come after him! Macca is still seething from his confrontation with Ric when Cassie arrives. Macca proceeds to accuse Cassie of being back with Ric. Cassie is outraged and a huge argument erupts. Cassie storms off but Macca is overcome with anger and shoves her against the kitchen bench. Cassie is in disbelief as she gasps for air. Macca races to her side – what has he done?

Cassie is being treated at hospital for a nasty cut and bruising on her ribs. When questioned how the injury occurred, Macca pipes up and explains they were mucking around having a water fight in the kitchen and Cassie fell. Cassie remains quiet, still in shock that Macca could do such a thing. Once alone, Cassie rips in to Macca, angry that he has been violent with her – again! Macca is backpedaling big time and is making a desperate plea for Cassie to forgive him! It will never happen again – he loves her so much!

Sally and Ric race to the hospital when they receive the news. It’s a tense moment for Macca, as he watches Sally, who’s waiting for an explanation from Cassie – will she tell them the truth? Cassie has made her decision – and insists it was all an accident! Ric is far from convinced – but what more can he do if Cassie won’t admit the truth?

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