We don't know about you, but Sally is crap at remembering things. Such as people's phone numbers; what she came into the kitchen for; who knifed her in the guts and legged it. "Can you tell me what you saw?" asks Brad, as if he were going out with Derek Acorah. Alf also pesters her as to whether she can remember the event. "Not yet", she sighs, as the look on Rocco's face indicates that his shorts are slowly turning from white to brown. However, as far as Sally's concerned, Rocco shouldn't get upset. "Nobody blames you," she insists, "so there's no need for you to feel guilty about it." If only she knew that her words were about to come back and bite her on the bum. The next morning, Rocco visits Johnny in prison and seeks his advice. However, said advice involves finishing the job he started - and later, when Sally gives Rocco a knife and asks him to chop up some tomatoes, we can't help wondering if we're going to end up with sliced Sally instead... Beth, who is being played in this episode by Ken Dodd, stares thoughtfully at a photo of her family as she tickles it with her feather duster. Why so pensive, Beth? Well, she's decided that as her kids are all grown up - or, in Henry's case, long-forgotten - she ought to put herself first for once. Kit clocks her mother's funny mood and tells her to explain to Tony how she's feeling. Faced with little choice after Tony overhears their conversation, Beth reveals that she's decided to do a spot of soul-searching. This will involve packing her suitcases and flying off to visit Scott and Hayley in "Europe", and Robbie, Tasha and their Eraserhead baby in New York. Although she assures Tone that her decision is nothing to do with their relationship, he panics and presents her with an engagement ring before you can say "Shirley Valentine". We'll take Beth's expression - which makes The Scream look like Minnie Mouse - as a no, then. Although the glint on the paring knife matched the wicked one in his eye, Rocco managed to restrain himself from sticking the blade into Sal once again. Instead, he stormed upstairs, packed his belongings into a hanky on a stick and stormed out of the house. Ric and Matilda, who are stunned by his exit, ask Sally what he said before he left. "He just kept saying that he was sorry", she replies. However, this last word rings in her ears and brings memories from the night of the attack flooding back to her. Yep, that's right; she now knows that Rocco was the one who did the deed and Ric, it's fair to say, is a bit narked. We can tell this because he swiftly tracks Rocco down and takes great delight in smearing him across the Surf Club car park. Matilda watches on in horror as Rocco leaps into the car he's trying to steal and Ric hammers on the windows. "I'm going to kill you", he roars, as he speeds away. But is that a threat or a promise?

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