Saddened by the lack of enthusiasm and support for Boyd and Janae’s impending marriage, Summer attempts to talk Max around to giving his blessing. He remains opposed and Boyd is there to overhear his continued misgivings. Galvanised, Boyd suggests he and Janae call off the wedding and elope. A quickie registry office wedding is organised with Bree and Summer the only witnesses. But as the moment of truth draws near, Summer begins to have doubts – can she really keep this momentous event a secret? Dylan reels after learning of Sky’s choice to become a mother. Sympathetic, Elle confronts Sky and accuses her of not taking Dylan’s feelings into account. In the process, she reveals that she and Dylan are now a couple – something Dylan had failed to mention. Sky’s secretly devastated but puts up a stoic façade. Off Harold’s urging, she reaches out to Dylan, offering that he can choose his level of involvement as a father. But Dylan reacts angrily – to his mind, Sky’s taken all decision-making rights away from him. Will these new parents ever find understanding? Bree receives a heartbreaking letter but keeps the details from all around her. In reaction she unveils a radical new image.When it becomes clear Mishka has continued her illegal alcohol dealings she fears Harold will give her and Lou their marching orders. But after insisting any proceeds for the venture be given to charity, Harold surprises them with an invitation to stay on permanently – after the support they’ve shown Sky he couldn’t do anything else.

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