Have you ever found yourself faking illness, in order to make a trip to the doctor's office? Us neither. But if your doctor was as swoon-worthy as Dr Doug Ross from ER, or McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy, you'd definitely find yourself plotting an excuse to visit your nearest medical centre.

When imagining your 'dream doctor', you might turn to medics on TV for some inspiration. Take JD from hospital-set comedy classic Scrubs. His sharp humour and banter would help remedy any illness. And rule-breaker TC Callahan of The Night Shift, with his ex-Army physique and rugged good looks, could certainly persuade us to break our leg and visit A&E.

As a celebration of the UK Premiere on Sony Channel of the hot US medical drama, The Night Shift, we've hand-picked the crème de la crème of TV's finest medical professionals, and compiled a list of the top ten TV doctors we most want to treat us. You're welcome.

The UK Exclusive premiere of The Night Shift season 1 launches on Sony Channel (Sky 157, BT and Talk Talk 331) on Tuesday 12th January at 9pm.

1. McDreamy/Derek Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy)

The battle over the most desirable doctor has been an ongoing feud in Seattle Grace Hospital since the start of Grey's Anatomy's pilot episode. The McDreamy vs. McSteamy argument is pretty heated. It's almost in the same league as the Tupac vs. Biggie debate, splitting households and fracturing friendships. Today, we're settling this once and for all - Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, is hands down the most desirable doctor on TV.

2. Dr Doug Ross (ER)

When we think of TV doctors we'd love to treat us, one of the first to spring to mind is Dr Doug Ross from the long-running medical drama, ER. George Clooney may be a movie star now, but his six year turn as the rakish paediatrician will long remain in our hearts. He may make terrible decisions, but his love for kids always shines through. Swoon.

3. Dr Thackery (The Knick)

Rewind 116 years to the beginning of the 1900s and the birth of modern medicine - disinfectant hasn't been invented yet and there wasn't a cure for polio. Thankfully, there was Dr John Thackery, played by the always intense and alluring Clive Owen. Thackery is the master of medicine; without the luxury of modern day medical devices, and at times electricity, he is forced to be resourceful to save his patient's life just in the nick of time.

4. Dr Turk (Scrubs)

Dr Turk may not be our first point of call to perform open heart surgery - we wouldn't even trust him to come near us with a needle - but he would certainly be our first choice of doctor for a dose of humour and a side-splittingly hilarious time. Turk would leave you in stitches (the metaphorical sense). And what's more, you'd get two doctors for the price of one. Because where there is Turk, there is JD.

5. Dr Mindy (The Mindy Project)

For the most of us, a trip to the gynaecologist isn't exactly something to look forward to. It ranks somewhere between going to the dentist for a root canal and visiting your bank for a loan on the 'not to do' list. But just imagine if you were paying a visit to Dr Mindy, a gynaecologist, from The Mindy Project. An experience you normally would wish to be over would quickly become scheduled in as a weekly appointment.

6. Eliott Reid (Scrubs)

Eliott Reid, the clumsy but loveable ditz, may not possess the surgeon steady hands to brandish a scalpel and blade, but she does possess the ability to crack you up. Hospitals aren't usually considered to be the most cheery of places, actually quite the opposite. Unlike your standard, day-to-day medical professional, the hilarious Eliott Reid will make you cry out in hysterics. If laughter is the cure, then Dr Reid is the medicine.

7. T.C Callahan (The Night Shift)

TC Callahan is biting at the heels of Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy in the hot stakes - but he isn't just a pretty face and chiselled torso. He's a medical genius in The Night Shift. Callahan, who manages to take his shirt off in every episode, will make your temperature rise to fever heights, as he goes around San Antonio Memorial Hospital checking charts and captivating hearts. You would think that being so drop-dead gorgeous would make him a workplace hazard, but in fact Callahan is saving lives of San Antonio's locals on the daily.

8. Addison Montgomery (Private Practice)

Addison Montgomery was so well loved in Grey's Anatomy, that she quite literally stole the show. Producers had no choice but to give her a spin-off show of her very own. Addison's not merely the ex-wife to Dr Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy who also features on this list - she's a force to be reckoned with, at a trendy L.A private practice.

9. Dr House (House)

We rarely wish ill on others, let alone ourselves, but we would happily bite the bullet and contract an undiagnosed rare disease in order to end up in Dr House's intensive care ward. The sharp-tongued, unconventional Dr House solves the riddle of his patient's rare illnesses, but not without first making the entire hospital staff, and at times his patients, jump through hoops. Dr House may leave you holding on until you're covered in pustules and grasping for your last breath, but he always manages to come up with the cure.

10. Dr Ross Geller (Friends)

Our final doctor isn't technically in the medical profession. But let's be clear, he definitely is a doctor. A PhD counts, right? You simply cannot make a list of doctors that you would most like to be treat you, without mentioning Ross Eustace Geller. By day, the goofy Gellar of Friends is a palaeontologist, which means he can't take your blood pressure or your temperature; but if you want to know about prehistoric fossils, dinosaurs and his roller-coaster relationship with Rachel Green, he's your man.

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