With last week seeing Enwezor sent packing following a biscuit-filled trio of challenges, the remaining contestants have to this time go up against what many dread - Bread Week.

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In their signature challenge, 12 rye rolls must be created and above all else, be identical to one another.

For the first time, Nancy seems a little out of her comfort zone but one baker wins a great seal of approval in the form of a Paul Hollywood handshake. "Pure alchemy!" he exclaims, before moving on to the technical challenge.

"Be patient." are the two simple words of advice offered to bakers, before they're set on making ciabatta with basic instructions.

There's proving drawer drama when several contenders either miss or ignore the instruction of 'prove at room temperature', and when they pop them in they're actually over-activating the dough.

First to tip out his dough following proving is Jordan, and many of the other bakers follow leaving Kate the last one and the most patient - will Paul's words be proved correct, or will he have to eat them along with the bread if another contestant comes out on top?

A "strong crust, good dome and an airy structure" is exactly what Mary Berry and Paul are looking for - who'll deliver before the Showstopper Challenge?

Ten bread centre-pieces are created, with the challenge of being a filled loaf.

Cheesecake and brioche are brought together by one of the more inventive bakers, whilst another uses a cheese banned from being taken on public transport in France.

Perhaps the tastiest looking loaf is the Full English Stromboli - you can almost smell the aroma of the sausages and bacon as they sizzle on-screen.

When it comes time to judge, we have our first major soggy bottom klaxon of the series, as several are told their moist bottoms have scuppered their chances of offering up a perfect loaf.

None fare worse however than a bread which, when opened is raw, and it's devastating to see such an ambitious bake go terribly wrong.

Who will join casualties Claire and Enwezor? You'll have to watch to find out - and tune in next week for challenge number four - desserts!

The Great British Bake Off continues Wednesdays, 8pm on BBC One.

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