With another fire ripping through Coronation Street and potentially changing lives forever, we've decided to take a look back at seven of the great fire storylines we've seen since the show started. Did we miss any out? Let us know!

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

The Warehouse Fire (1975)

As one of the earliest Coronation Street storylines, a fire broke out in the mail order warehouse killing Edna Gee, played by Mavis Rogerson. Her death came on her birthday and she was found the day after before Len Faircloug had to break the news to her friends and colleagues.

The Rovers Return Fire (1986)

Hoping to modernise its sets in this year, the producers and writers at Coronation Street thought that they could do this by setting The Rovers Return Inn ablaze on-screen, before re-building it with modern flair.

When the fire broke out Bet Lynch (Julie Goodyear) looked to be in danger, but when Kevin and Sally (Michael Le Vell and Sally Dynevor) walked past at the time, they alerted the neighbours and the fire brigade arrived, rescuing Bet when Kevin failed.

Though Vera Duckworth (Liz Dawn) sarcastically pointed out that Bet was "probably smokin' in bed again" it was in fact Jack Duckworth (Bill Tarmey) who cause the blaze, attempting to repair and fuse and in doing so, sparking a fire in the fusebox.

Richard Hillman (2002-03)

Maxine really should have stayed at that party / Credit: ITV
Maxine really should have stayed at that party / Credit: ITV

As one of the most prolific and intriguing characters and serial killers in soap history, Richard Hillman (Brian Capron) managed to scare viewers with his creepy charisma and was involved in a storyline in late 2002, which saw him try to make his wealthy mother-in-law Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) question whether or not she was experiencing the onset of dementia.

At first unlocking doors that she remembered locking and hanging out washing she couldn't remember pegging out, he got more violent with a house fire made to look like the result of her condition, with Hillman removing the smoke alarm's battery. Luckily for Audrey, her close friend and undertaker Archie Shuttleworth (Roy Hudd) got the help of taxi driver Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), saving her life.

Mad Maya (2004)

Though Maya had already shown signs of an unhinged personality, it wasn't until she was unceremoniously dumped by boyfriend Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) that her really rough side came out.

Beginning a campaign of hate against Dev's businesses, the shop owner got a call from an employee working in his Eccles shop saying it was on fire. With more being targetted it became clear that something wasn't right, and his fears were confirmed when he called home to find Maya had taken Sunita hostage.

Tying both Sunita and Dev up in the flat at 15A, the pair were gagged and left to die with the gas on the flat's cooker turned on. Maya moved downstairs and started a fire in the shop itself, but her plan was thwarted when Ciaran McCarthy (Keith Duffy) and Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward) managed to rescue the pair.

With everybody out the building then exploded into a huge ball of flame, alerting the entire street and seeing the Websters evacuate from next door. Maya did her best to run down the couple and end their happiness, seen by many residents, but the pair survived and Maya was admitted under police guard to hospital.

Baby Freddie & The Fire (2007)

Claire and Ashley Peacock / Credit: ITV
Claire and Ashley Peacock / Credit: ITV

This storyline had to be tweaked slightly because of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal, ongoing at the same time the soap had their storyline running.

The burning of Ashley and Claire Peacock's house saw the couple think their baby Freddie had perished in the fire, but he later turned up in the park wrapped up. It turned out that Claire's former friend Casey Carswell (Zoe Henry) was the one who started the fire deliberately with an accelerant, and though there was more drama from this moment the child was eventually kept safe with Casey arrested.

The Underworld Gun Siege (2010)

Tony Gordon / Credit: ITV
Tony Gordon / Credit: ITV

Escaping from prison, Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien) intended to take revenge on all those he deemed had wronged him which saw a storyline take place in Underworld. He shot dead his accomplice and former cellmate Robbie Sloan (James Fleet) before setting fire to Underworld and dying in the blaze.

The Tram Crash (2010)

Summer of 2010 saw the show celebrating its 50th anniversary, and it was revealed that a "major disaster" would plague the cobbles and change the lives of everyone who lived there forever.

With a gas leak causing a sudden explosion throughout a building with Nick and Peter inside as well as Ashley Peacock, this would be the catalyst for a tram derailing and crashing into the Alahan's Corner Shop, with one of the carriages tipping down and smashing into The Kabin. All of the drama saw No. 13 Coronation Street also set on fire, and the electricity was knocked out across the street when a telegraph pole was struck down.

Claire and her children as well as Russ were saved from their burning home by Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) and it was up to Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) to re-enter the home, searching for Simon. Eventually, fire crews arrived on the scene and managed to relieve the residents of their own work.

The Rovers Return Fire - Karl Munro (2013)

Karl Munro / Credit: ITV
Karl Munro / Credit: ITV

Karl Munro set the Rovers Return pub on fire in 2013, leading to the death of fan-favourite character Sunita and local firefighter Toni Griffiths (Tara Moran). This all followed Karl's affair with Sunita that kickstarted a dark path for the once lovely man. Eventually, he was arrested for arson and murder - could he return to the soap one day?

Tracy The Fire Starter (2015)

Tracy Barlow / Credit: ITV
Tracy Barlow / Credit: ITV

This week there's been some explosive drama from the soap with episodes being shown every night as the residents of Weatherfield do their best to survive a huge fire at Victoria Court.

In each episode, lies and secrets were promised to be exposed, and with Tracy out for revenge against Carla, she was consumed by rage and went to confront her nemesis. Holding herself back however, Tracy's lighting of a candle instead saw her anger take form in a sneaky and horrific way - will her daughter, Carla and those rushing to help all survive?

Watch the drama unfold this week on ITV tonight and tomorrow at 9pm.

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