The X Factor live shows kicked off with a peculiar theme this weekend - 'This Is Me' - which was to show off what kind of artist each act would be if they hit the music scene, but strangely they all had their songs chosen for them by creative on the series...

Still, we enjoyed a lot of what was shown, but who did we think was best on the night? Here's our rankings.

13) Max Stone

He's got a great voice but seems to be completely void of a personality that's needed for a show such as this one. There's a reason the competition is called The X Factor - a good vocal just isn't good enough to see someone take home the title. His escaping the bottom three was a little surprising, but the UK do love a good underdog story.

12) Bupsi

She failed to bring 'Nasteh' to the performance this week, but did show that some of her vocals were on point after the 'style over substance' type performances she's given in the past. Unfortunately her fellow competitors proved to be too much, and Simon Cowell admitted he had made a mistake in giving her a Marvin Gaye track to tackle. She was immediately voted out of the competition after picking up the least amount of votes.

11) Kiera Weathers

In the bottom three, Kiera has failed to connect with the public. Again she's one with a great voice but not that exciting a personality. Fortunately for her she's been given another chance after judges voted 3-1 in her favour to keep her around for at least another week, but if she fails to make a good impression again, she could be sent packing.

10) Mason Noise

Hearing him apologise and thank the public, show and judges for his second chance is tedious at this point. It's time for Mason to move on, as he genuinely could become one of the frontrunners in the show. He's got the look and the stage presence, combining his vocals with some good choreography, now he just needs to come out of his shell and bring that attitude back to his performances.

9) Reggie 'N' Bollie

Their energy is infectious and they actually brought their A game in the first live show. The vocal they gave was the best we've heard from the pair and they're a necessary act to have in this stage of the competition when a lot of acts are getting extremely serious. We don't think they'll go all the way, but they're definitely going to have fun no matter where they place when all is said and done.

8) Ché Chesterman

His performance this week was a little strange and surprising, but for all the right reasons. Ché is usually meek and mild but turned into a genuine performer on stage, combining a pair of great songs and making a huge impact. Though we thought he may get lost amongst the other acts he made sure he wasn't going to be forgotten.

7) Lauren Murray

Extremely down to earth, it's hard not to fall in love with Lauren. Though production around her was a little over the top, her voice shined through. Not the biggest fan of people taking on Whitney Houston, but she did what she could with it.

6) Anton Stephans

Strange tabloid stories aside, Anton has been working on his 'singing face' in the first week of the live shows, and it's showing! His eyes aren't quite as wild, and his vocals slowly build into a huge and impressive crescendo. He shouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

5) Monica Michael

Thank ITV for small graces - bringing Monica back to the competition was the best wild card result X Factor has ever seen. Her performances are always emotional and this weekend was no different. She interprets lyrics in a mature and raw way which envelops the audience within the song's grasp, refusing to let up until the final note. A true artist who truly deserved her standing ovation from the judges.

4) Alien Uncovered

The fact Alien Uncovered have been sent home is a travesty. The group were perhaps the most polished act the competition has seen in such an early stage and their chemistry is unrivalled. It wouldn't shock us if they were snapped up immediately and burst onto the pop scene sooner rather than later.

3) Seann Miley Moore

His style may not be for everybody, but Seann has that special something which makes him stand out from the crowd. A little theatrical in his performance, he knows exactly how to deliver a belter of a note - there are tinges of Lady Gaga to his performance, and now she's one of the biggest stars on the planet. There's no reason Seann cannot follow that same path.

2) Louisa Johnson

Another well-deserved standing ovation came for Louisa who gave the best vocal performance of the night. She proved she doesn't need anything around her to make her shine - just give her a microphone and she'll deliver in a stellar fashion.

1) 4th Impact

Exciting, ambitious, sweet and likeable, 4th Impact are again, another group the show has managed to find with a brilliant chemistry and polish to their performances. Changing their song was a brilliant decision and we cannot wait to see what they've got in store for viewers in the coming weeks.

The X Factor continues Saturday November 7 on ITV.

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