Every week around this time, we love to take a look back and reminisce about something that's made us smile in the past. Today, we'll be remembering a handful of game shows that used to grace British television screens with their presence, but that have since found themselves shelved. Here are those we think should make a comeback, alongside the new series of Supermarket Sweep with Rylan! Happy Throwback Thursday!

7. Golden Balls

Some of the most brutal game show twists in history took place right in front of Jasper Carrott, as he asked contestants on Golden Balls whether they wanted to split the prize money they'd accumulated, or steal it all for themselves. In one particular episode, where two contestants who had been stolen from in the past were asked back to compete once more, £100,000 was up for grabs. The two of course promised to steal, but only one would come out smiling, taking the six-figure sum home.

6. The Bank Job

Despite only lasting for one full series and a couple of celebrity specials, The Bank Job is without a doubt one of my favourite British game shows of all time. Similar to Golden Balls, in that the two finalists would have to choose whether to "Cash" or "Trash" one another, they could split the jackpot evenly, take the entire jackpot for themselves or, if both proved to be too greedy, end up giving the jackpot to the three contestants who had already been eliminated.

5. Unanimous

Only lasting for eight episodes, Unanimous brought a bunch of contestants onto screens, without letting any of them know the rules of the game until they were in it. Once there, they learned that there was a substantial prize fund, but it could only be given to one of the players. The rules were simple: all players must come to a unanimous decision on which of the nine of them would be awarded the money. For every second they did not reach a decision, £1 would be taken from the fund. If anybody left the Bunker before a decision had been made, the prize would be halved. Just one person left, and in the end it was young mum Sian who took home a prize of £106,562.

4. The Weakest Link

Anne Robinson is renowned for her time hosting The Weakest Link, in which she would berate contestants based on anything from their ridiculous answers, to their choice of occupation. Whilst she would likely have to tone back her attacks in today's modern world, it would be fantastic to see her back behind the podium, putting questions to contestants hoping to take home thousands of pounds.

3. Hole in the Wall

Let's be honest, Hole in the Wall was a pretty stupid show. As contestants stood in front of a swimming pool, a large polystyrene wall would move towards them, with a cutout hole of varying shapes to fling yourself through. It was the fails however, that really made this car crash game show worth watching. Players would sometimes take the entire wall down if they couldn't make it through the hole, causing absolute chaos in the studio.

2. Fort Boyard

The British version of Fort Boyard ran until 2003, and showed a team of contestants take on physical and endurance challenges, similar to those we've seen in The Crystal Maze. Upon failing, contestants would be locked inside a cage, with teammates then forced to sacrifice time in their final challenge to free them. Exactly why the show ever came to a close is a mystery: it was immensely popular and still runs in countries around the world to this day. Bring it back!

1. Survivor

Only running for two series in the UK, Survivor is one of the most beloved game shows in the world. Incredibly popular in America and Australia, it's time that the Brits are given the chance to outwit, outplay and outlast one another all over again. Bringing in the element of immunity idols, which weren't present in the first two British series, would add a much-needed layer to gameplay. And, after watching the Survivor Auction above, I think a change in host would be very welcome!

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