This year has been perhaps one of the biggest when it comes to Christmas advertising, but which five television ads have been our favourites? Here's the best of the best, let us know if you agree with our decisions...

5) Katy Perry's H&M Christmas single

Katy is one of the world's biggest stars of music, and her joyful H&M Christmas track could have been one of this year's big contenders for Christmas number one if it got the full release it deserved!

4) Kohl's fight for equality

Though we're in 2015, the world still holds a lot of adversary. Kohl's decided to 'Celebrate Togetherness' and included a same-sex couple in their ad, as well as people from different backgrounds, of different ages and races, showing that whilst the fight for equality is still ongoing, the world is becoming a better place piece by piece.

3) German supermarket Edeka's shocking twist

This year's big surprise hit comes from Edeka, who managed to overtake John Lewis earlier this month to become the year's most-shared Christmas ad. Attracting over 2.4 million shares since its launch, the tear-jerking advert has one heck of a twist - which we won't spoil, in case you're yet to see it.

2) Spanish Lottery

Another video to come from a different part of the world, this one IS a real tear-jerker. Get your tissues ready if you've not yet watched this one, because it's emotional.

1) Sainsbury's - Mog's Christmas Calamity

Setting off "a chain of unfortunate events", Christmas could be ruined for the Thomas family because of clumsy Mog the cat. Fortunately the ad encompasses the spirit of Christmas by showing the community coming together to ensure that the Thomas family can enjoy some sense of normality over the festive period.

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