With crazy outfits, even crazier songs and just a touch of talent, the British public have revealed in a study from TalkTalk TV the top ten reasons that they tune into the Eurovision Song Contest.

Only 6% of those questioned in the survey were watching the world's 'greatest music competition' for the genuine music talents, and it was in fact a quarter who admitted their main reason for viewing was because 'it's so bad it's good'.

Over 33% take the event as an opportunity to host a party for friends and family for hilarious TV moments, while 20% watch hoping that something will go wrong such as a contestant forgetting lyrics or a comical translation or misinterpretation.

Molly represents the UK this year

Hidden politics behind voting also proved to be some of the reason that 125 million of us from across the globe tune in, with millions of Brits coming back year after year despite poor performances time and time again.

Top ten reasons we love Eurovision

1. Weird performances
2. Outrageous outfits
3. Graham Norton’s witty commentary
4. Wardrobe malfunctions
5. Comical misinterpretation or translation of songs
6. Contestants forgetting the lyrics
7. Contestants falling over on stage
8. Singing out of tune
9. Excessive glitter and pyrotechnics
10. Singers winking at the camera

The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final takes place tonight on BBC One from 8pm. Expect the unexpected, and of course some brilliant Graham Norton one-liners.

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