Do vampires exist? People have been asking this question for over a century.

No one has ever proved blood-thirsty, immortal beings exist. Still, to be clear, book authors, Hollywood creatives and pop culture has always had a fascination with vampires.

Top Vampire Themed TV Shows

Top Vampire Themed TV Shows

The average TV network has tons of vampire TV shows. You could spend an entire night scrolling through catalogs in your search for the right series.

But we’re here to help you save time by listing the vest Vampire TV shows for you.

The Vampire Diaries

Newsday editor Verne Gay sums up the Vampire Diaries in the best way possible. It “may well be the biggest hit you’ve never watched.” And regarding its cast and crew, they might be the hottest stars you’ve never seen.

In other words, the Vampire Diaries is a must-see TV show. During its peak seasons, the TV show used to drive social media crazy. Fans would spend hours pouring their love for actors, plot twists, and turns for hours.

The show runs for eight seasons. So, if you have the time and want to watch a legendary vampire TV show, there’s no better alternative. You’ll get immersed into a world of love and hate. You’ll witness life and death and occasionally fall in love with characters.

In case you’re wondering, the primary story focused on a teenage girl called Elena Gilbert. She falls in love with a vampire named Stefan Salvatore. However, the plot thickens when Stefan’s old love interest, Katherine Pierce, who resembles Elena, reappears.

The Originals

If you want a reminder of just how good the Vampire Diaries was, it spawned a second series that was just as good as the original. Ironically, the spinoff is called—The Originals—which it clearly is not.

But that’s alright. The Originals describe the first-generation vampires. It stars Joseph Morgan as Klaus, who returns to New Orleans to reconnect with his old bestfriend Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).

Marcel is no longer the youngster he was. He’s now the vampire king of New Orleans. That means Klaus, and his siblings Elijah and Rebekah, have to live by Marcel’s rules or risk creating enmity.

Of course, the siblings opt to bring down Marcel and his army of blood sucking vampires. To spice up things, Niklaus also have to deal with werewolves, witches and fellow vampires.

Although the Originals didn’t spawn a different movie or online game, it has the same storyline of one of the most successful vampire-themed slots: Immortal Romance. Find all the details here, including information about where to play this game.


Not every time a spinoff surpasses the original in quality and commercial success. Angel is an exception. It was created following the success of Buffy. It focuses on leading character Angel, a vampire out to save the world from evil.

It starts with Angel moving to LA. His main goal, as mentioned, is to redeem himself as a blood-sucking immortal by doing good to the world. Interestingly, Angel doesn’t attempt to imitate Buffy.

Instead, it takes its two lead characters, Angel and Cordelia, and gives them a purpose. They talk about capitalism, corruption and other evils in society in a candid way. Another reason to watch Candid is that it gets better with time. The showrunners are constantly improving on quality, ensuring you’re hooked along the full length of the series.

Buffy the Vampire Series

If you like your vampire TV shows terrifying, witty and also humorous, then Buffy is the right show for you. Yes, we said its spinoff Angel was a tad better than the original. But that’s alright. Some fans of both shows love the original better.

Buffy the Vampire Series stems from a movie that flopped. Ironically, it was written by the same person, Whedon, who ended up turning Buffy into a commercial success. It stars a teenage girl, Buffy Summers, and her band of friends known as “the Scooby Gang.”

The friends include Angel, the morally conscious vampire that ends up becoming the star of Angel TV series. The others are Xander, Anya and Oz. Together, the gang comes to Buffy’s rescue whenever she gets into trouble with other demons and vampires.

The beauty of Buffy lies in that every character stays true to their original form. Buffy is forever an outsider amongst her gang. By comparison, Oz is always cool while Xander is the opposite.

True Blood

True Blood stars Anna Paquin as a telepathic waitress who lives in a small fictional town located in Louisiana. Anna’s character Sookie Stackhouse then falls in love with a vampire named Bill Compton, her first love.

Sookie and Bill fall in love barely two years after vampires invented synthetic blood that would make them blend with humans normally. In the usual style, not every vampire wants to integrate with humans, which creates a split in the community.

Like Angel, True Blood transcends the world of vampires to talk about issues that affect people. It explores drug abuse, equality, the power of religion and identity. The show initial ended in 2014.

But luckily, a reboot of the show is in the works. The folks at HBO are fine with a reboot but on one condition—it must follow a story worth telling.


Quality TV shows traditionally receive rave reviews. By contrast, poor quality series are criticized heavily or canned. Supernatural is a top-notch TV show. Naturally, it has received the love and admiration of fans over the years.

The show has 15 seasons. So, if you want a series to keep your mind occupied for as long as possible, then Supernatural is a great fit. It stars brothers Dean and Sam who vow to fight off demons, ghosts and monsters, 20 years after a supernatural force killed their mother.

Initially, Dean and Sam weren’t close. While Dean followed his father’s passion for hunting monsters, Sam sought a normal life as a lawyer. Fortunately, fate reunites them and what follows are 15 seasons of intense drama, thrilling action and a kind of family bond that not even supernatural forces can separate.