With the sixth season of Total Divas making its return tonight in the US and next week in the UK, we got some time with one of the cast members integral to the show’s success; WWE Superstar Lana! Chatting all about the drama that’s to come, as well as her favourite 2017 WrestleMania moments and more, find out what she had to say below…

WWE's Lana

WWE's Lana

With WrestleMania season now winding down, how have you found the past couple of weeks?

It was really, really busy. I had like, three appearances a day, so I felt like I was super busy. But it was really exciting to be able to watch WrestleMania, and be there to support all my cast members and all the women that I work with. For me it was a great time, to not have to be stressed and worried about what I was doing, but just to be a fan and support the girls. Trinity, Naomi, is one of my best friends, so to see her win the championship; she worked so hard. I’ve seen her work on her Glow entrance; this was a dream for her, to have this Glow entrance and dance. To actually see her dreams come to pass was an amazing moment for me, I was all teary-eyed.

Then of course to see Nikki get engaged, I was teary-eyed about that too! I was trying not to cry and mess up my makeup! It was really great, to be there and watch it as a fan. I know my time is coming, so it was all good.

Onto Total Divas! In the first part of Season 6 we saw you making wedding preparations and then in the last episode, your ceremony, so what was it like sharing such a big moment like that with your fans?

It was amazing. I’m so excited I’m able to take the WWE Universe and everyone on E! who watches the show on my journey, and to share my really special moments and experiences. A lot of people have seen me and Rusev together from the very beginning on Raw and SmackDown, so it’s really cool to take people behind-the-scenes. I’m so happy to be able to share my first wedding, and the second part is gonna be my second wedding! We have my wedding in Bulgaria actually with Rusev; there’s a lot of traditions of Bulgaria. It’s insane, it was one of the most insane experiences I have ever had. Everybody will have to tune in and watch my second wedding in Bulgaria! I almost leave Bulgaria, too… Me and him get in our little blow-up fights, but then make up!

Every season obviously there’s some drama between the women, which we see a tiny glimpse of in the previews. What can you tell us about that?

Well, I would say me and Renee get into it a little bit. Maybe I almost try to suplex her… No, we get in a pretty blow-up fight, but in WWE in the locker room, we’re like sisters. A lot of times we might wanna pull each other’s hair out, but then it’s just like family, you make up afterwards and go get ice cream, and maybe take a shot of whiskey!

You’ll have to watch that, for sure, tune in, it starts tonight, 9pm, 8pm central, so I’m really excited to be able to share all these wild stories we have.

Lana soaking in the reception at a WWE event
Lana soaking in the reception at a WWE event

How have you found the response from fans since you joined the show?

It’s been great. I feel like I’ve gotten so much support from everybody that’s watching. The great thing about Total Divas is that it gives you exposure to another audience, the E! audience; there’s so many women and girls that watch it. It’s really cool, because I wanna share my journey of trying to get into the ring and becoming an in-ring competitor, a wrestler, and I wanna share that journey with all these girls and hopefully, more women will continue to watch WWE. So I think it’s really awesome. It’s been all great, positive feedback. So yeah, I’m really excited that it’s coming back on!

I ask some of my girls to be some of my bridesmaids, so you have to watch for that too. I don’t know what I’d do without Nattie and Trinity, they’re such great people. You probably saw the first part of the season how me and Nattie, I drive her crazy a little bit, but she’s the best, she’s so funny. She has helped me a lot in my life and you see in this next part of this season how she influences some really key, important moments of my life, so it’s really cool to have friends like that.

If you could bring another female Superstar onto the show, who would you choose and why?

That’s so hard of a question, because I love so many of the girls! I don’t know if I can answer that… Maybe Becky, or maybe Charlotte, or Carmella, or Alexis, or Nia, Bayley, Sasha; they all are great and offer so many different things, so it’s really hard to pinpoint. Everyone that I work with are really talented, beautiful people, so I think anyone would add a lot to the show.


Total Divas returns tonight (April 5) in the US at 9/8c on E! and comes back to the UK on April 9 on E!

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