Just how many times will the Doctor regenerate?

Just how many times will the Doctor regenerate?

Since its reboot in 2005, Doctor Who has become a household favourite amongst children and adults alike.

Sunday (04.08.13) will see the announcement of who is to take over Matt Smith as the 12th Doctor and the 50th anniversary in November is going to be a spectacular Doctor Who celebration.

Yet the Doctor is only supposed to be able to regenerate 12 times, so will we soon be seeing an end to the franchise?

For the fans’ sake, let’s hope not. Matt Smith’s incarnation has seen success not just in Britain but across the pond too, with BBC America showing the episodes and documentaries to its audience.

Matt Smith, though he took a while to get going, has proven that age is irrelevant when it comes to playing the titular character.

Though he is the youngest incarnation of the Doctor, he has become a resounding success even with die-hard David Tennant fans.

His cheeky and childish style when it comes to Doctor Who is so popular that it is once again going to be hard to see the Doctor regenerate.

There are so many iconic features of the sci-fi show that there are also concerns that it could become repetitive. Sure enough there have been countless episodes featuring the Daleks and the Cybermen, and even the Weeping Angels have been coming back to haunt us.

Just how many times will the Daleks survive against all the odds only to be beaten once again by the Doctor? Moffat’s attempt to reinvent the monsters fell rather flat after he brought them back in quite frankly hideous neon colours.

Whilst I’ve no doubt that the Daleks will never be killed off completely and that writers will always find new ways to reintroduce them into the show, the repetition has worn the novelty of this particular monster off.

They may have been frightening when they first reached our screens, but who can truly say that the ‘tricycles with roofs’ have us reaching for a cushion anymore?

It’s certainly a worry that the longer the show goes on the more tiresome it’s going to get. At the moment there’s no sign that the Doctor Who franchise is going to be pulled despite the rather lacklustre series seven part two that was aired in April.

Whilst I would love to see my favourite TV show continue forever, even I can see that the storylines are getting wackier and wackier to try to bring something new to every episode, often without much success.

Matt Smith’s Doctor has been brilliant to watch, but he has been let down by the fact that some of his episodes just weren’t up to scratch.

Perhaps a new incarnation will bring the spark that has been missing recently back to the show. Doctor Who has always had an incredible amount of scope when it comes to storylines, so let’s hope that the writers can keep on bringing new life to every single episode that is aired. I would hate for the 50th anniversary, though I want it to be fantastic, to eclipse future episodes.


by Julia Molloy