James Corden is the first celebrity to fall foul of Ant & Dec's tricks this year on saturday Night Takeaway, as the cheeky duo unleash a brand new Undercover mission with the Late Late Show host becoming their number one victim.

With exclusive access to one of America's biggest television networks, the pair are on a mission to give James a terrible day, first doing anything they can to make him late for work.

Leaving him struggling to gain access to the studio car park - despite being on a billboard at the side of the building - when James eventually does gain access he sees his spot has been taken by a delivery driver, leaving him even later for work.

Phase two then sees Ant & Dec ambush him right in the middle of the Late Late Show's proceedings, and as part of a regular game called 'Face your Fiancé', James is joined by two actresses whose fiancé's are actually Ant & Dec in disguise.

James is left red-faced by some of the answers given and then the stunt is left with a dramatic climax, as Ant's character appears to suffer a live accident on air when a bookshelf falls on top of him.

The prank can be seen in full as Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway returns tonight, February 20 at 7pm on ITV.

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