With Halloween just around the corner, and the possibility of many of us spending more time indoors, it’s more than likely that we will turn to TV and film once again.

To alleviate the boredom and get you watching some of the best shows out there, here are some spooky shows for you to check out!

5. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House has some seriously scary settings / Picture Credit: Steve Dietl/Netflix
The Haunting of Hill House has some seriously scary settings / Picture Credit: Steve Dietl/Netflix

Adapted from Shirley Jackson’s book by the same name, The Haunting of Hill House is truly one to watch – and read.

This TV series follows a somewhat dysfunctional family both from a point in the past, and a point in the present. Five siblings and their parents – the Crain family - move from house to house renovating and living within the house until the work is complete.

When the family moves into Hill House however, everything seems to fall apart.

This show really does have everything you would want in a spooky series. The changes between past and present may seem confusing, but it works so well to show why the family is the way it is and to tie up currents events with events from the family’s past.

The drama, horror and tension is brilliantly done, with a low blue light streaming throughout the series showing the coldness and heart-breaking events we witness.

The show really brings the importance of family and sibling-love, but also grief and guilt, and as it is set in this creepy, incredibly tense atmosphere in which the plot deepens and reveals the horror that is Hill House, it makes it all the better to watch this family’s journey and wonder what is around the corner.

This is the perfect show not only to binge-watch during Halloween season, but the engaging plot, characters and haunting visuals will glue you to your screen all year round – and with a new lockdown in place, this show will certainly keep you busy.

The Haunting of Hill House is available to stream now on Netflix, along with follow-up series The Haunting of Bly Manor.

4. You

Penn Badgley in You Season 2 / Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/Netflix
Penn Badgley in You Season 2 / Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/Netflix

While horror may not be the forte of this season, it is still the perfect creepy binge-worthy show, and Halloween may just add a little bit of a menacing feel to this outstanding series.

Another show based off a book, this time by Caroline Kepnes; You shows the life of humble Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) – bookstore clerk and... professional stalker.

Season 1 follows his journey of love with the difficult-to-be-with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), who wanders into his store and steals his heart.

The show not only nails the complicated characterisations of Beck, which leads us to constantly change our opinion of her and her group of friends, but of Joe also. He’s the perfect main character in the sense that we know we should probably hate him, but sometimes we're left rooting for him.

Captivating its audience, this show truly understands the meaning of enticing – as Joe’s actions leave you wondering why on Earth he did what he did, or may leave you thinking that he actually might have a point.

Everything Joe does within Season 1 is to keep Beck all to himself, and he believes what he does genuinely makes her life better – including murder...

His monologue and perfectly monotone voice keep you updated of his thoughts and reasonings – however almost everything he thinks (out loud to the audience) is spoken as he is interacting with Beck, making this a truly unique narration.

The shocking acts of Joe Goldberg are enough to keep anyone hooked, but the beautiful dialogue between characters and Joe’s monologues, along with the stunning sets and twisted plot, are sure to keep you binging until the end.

Seasons 1-2 of You are available to binge now on Netflix.

3. Lucifer

While Lucifer may not seem like a Halloween-fit series, it is definitely binge-worthy as Tom Ellis takes on the role of The Devil himself, and what could be more engaging than the Lord of Hell living in LA and owning a nightclub?

Based on characters from DC, Lucifer follows, well, Lucifer on his ‘vacation away from Hell’ as he rebels against his father, God.

After some time, Lucifer finds himself working with the LAPD as a consultant detective with one very special partner, Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

Together, they solve gruesome crimes and develop a very unique and even awkward relationship, and Lucifer must realise that to get the girl, he must show her who he really is which is much easier said than done...

With themes involving angels, devils, demons, and religion, Lucifer goes all-in and challenges what we may believe and brings them to light in this comedic yet serious-minded show.

The crimes tackled by Lucifer and Det. Decker can be gruesome and shocking and, with the addition of serial killers, this show promises a truly unique detective-type show. With Ellis’ witty yet deep and significant portrayal of Satan himself and the almost polar opposite in German’s serious Detective, the series is definitely worth your time.

Whether it’s at Halloween or not, this show is one to binge for sure.

Seasons 1-3 of Lucifer are available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Seasons 4-5 are available on Netflix.

2. Black Mirror

Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror / Picture Credit: Netflix
Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror / Picture Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror began in 2011 with creator Charlie Brooker, and quickly become a popular series. The show does not follow a continuous narrative, unlike other shows in this list; rather it showcases dozens of storylines – one narrative per episode.

This is reason enough to pursue every episode of this show, as storylines all include the same theme of technology, so curiosity alone should spur you on to find out how Brooker will challenge this idea next.

Narratives for each episode can range from virtual reality taken one step further, reuniting with a loved one after death but with a sinister twist, and even keeping an eye on your child in a way that borderlines stalking.

In more recent seasons, big names such as Anthony Mackie, Bryce-Dallas Howard and even Miley Cyrus have appeared in episodes, potentially driving up the binge-worthy status of the show.

The unsettling feeling that digs into audience members is fascinating, as each episode has a different way of getting under your skin and challenging you to think about the issue raised in the episode.

The show is outstanding as something so normal as playing a video game can have catastrophic consequences.

Combining horror, love, hobbies, and everyday feelings or events, this show is one to binge this Halloween season as you really never know what you’ll see next...

Seasons 1-5 of Black Mirror are available to watch now on Netflix.

1. American Horror Story

Billie Lourd in American Horror Story: 1984 / Picture Credit: FOX
Billie Lourd in American Horror Story: 1984 / Picture Credit: FOX

American Horror Story (AHS) has been popular since the very first season, and similar to Black Mirror where the story changes every episode, the story changes every season – despite some parts of some storylines subtly crossing from one season to the next.

The very premise of AHS is remarkable, with eight seasons worth of stories ranging from Murder House (Season 1) to Freak Show (Season 4), your eyes will not stray far from the screen.

With eight seasons on Netflix, the tales of murderous clowns, gut-wrenching phobias and a psycho cult will not get old.

Nearly every season, names like Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Jessica Lange reappear to give one outstanding performance after another – every time as a different character.

This show is perhaps the most suited to Halloween on this list, no matter which season you watch, horror, disbelief and chaos ensues.

Each story so unique and haunting, it will keep you guessing as everything is not what it seems and the way in which each story portrays each various character season after season is exceptional.

If you are looking for a horrific way to enjoy Halloween and lockdown, this is the season for you.

Seasons 1-8 of American Horror Story are available to watch now on Netflix.

Written by Melissa Allen, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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