Some people will be relieved to know that Love Island has finally finished for the year. But for the majority of us who have been tuning in every evening at 9pm, the next week could be a difficult adjustment back to reality.

You might find yourself asking the question, what did I even do before Love Island began?

Here are 7 ways to spend your time now that series 4 is over...

7. Have an early night

Catch some Zs! It’s likely you’ve forced yourself on a few occasions to stay awake and find out who gets dumped or catch the recoupling through tired eyes.

But now you’re free to head straight to bed if you’ve had a long day. There’s no such thing as too much sleep (or too many naps for that matter).

6. Get stuck into a new series on Netflix

If you’re already having TV binge withdrawals, Netflix have just announced a list of new and returning shows you can spend far too many hours being obsessed with.

The Innocents, Good Cop, and Maniac are all set to be big and are dropping this summer. Grab a face mask, make a brew and have a flick through their latest picks!

You also have The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing to look forward to, because yes, it is that time of year again. (And yes, it will be Christmas before we know it.)

5. Pick up a book

If you’re fed up of having square eyes, get into a new read. Reading aids sleep better than screens, and you’ll feel far more relaxed when you decide to hit the sack and get some shut eye.

Are you as sad as Sam now Love Island's over? / Credit: ITV
Are you as sad as Sam now Love Island's over? / Credit: ITV

4. Have a late night gym session

Evenings are proven to be a great time to hit the gym because your body can recharge quicker overnight.

You’ll have a better night sleep while your muscles repair, and who doesn’t enjoy the buzz of endorphins and productivity?!

3. Enjoy the summer evenings

So you’ve probably enjoyed the recent heatwave during the day, but rushed home for those all important 9 o’clock appointments with the box and not had chance to fully enjoy the summer evenings.

The longest day of the year has been and gone, so they’re only getting shorter. Don’t let them go to waste! Get out and enjoy it - go for a walk, eat al fresco, or slurp some gins and watch the sunset.

Before we know it we’ll be leaving work when it’s dark and spending nights sat in front of the fire. Make the most of the light evenings while they’re still here!

Get your loyal girls together and enjoy a night out! / Credit: ITV
Get your loyal girls together and enjoy a night out! / Credit: ITV

2. Have a girls night out!

You’ve probably had a few girly nights in, watching the most talked about show this year whilst discussing it endlessly yourselves, right?

Now it’s time to swap your comfies for that dress you’ve been meaning to wear since you bought it months ago and let your hair down with your girlfriends.

You’re never too far away from a food and drink festival in the summer - get the prosecco poppin’!

1. Get your own significant other, or enjoy the one you’ve got!

Now you can stop fantasising about having a relationship like Jack and Dani’s and go out and find your own Fincham!

And if you’re already loved up, why not plan to do something nice with your other half? They’ll probably be feeling a bit lost since the world cup has been and gone, so take some time out for your own date night.

by Katie Haseldine




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