Whether you're a huge fan of Big Brother, or somebody who cannot stand the reality series, there's no denying the impact the show has had on the world of entertainment ever since its initial debut, all the way back in 2000. So, when news broke that tonight's live launch of a brand new civilian series really is the last we'll see on British television, we realised just how much of a sombre moment it will be for everybody involved.

Channel 5 launch their last series of Big Brother tonight (September 14)

Channel 5 launch their last series of Big Brother tonight (September 14)

Despite the bad news, we're looking forward to seeing exactly what will happen in the new series. Exactly what we should expect isn't blatantly obvious, but we've got some ideas as to what might be right around the corner...

The return of Paul Osborne

Having worked on the original series, and the iconic seventh series of Big Brother back when the show was on Channel 4, Paul Osborne is credited as a genius of reality TV. He made his return in the recent series of Celebrity Big Brother, and now he'll be serving as Creative Director on his first civilian series of the show in 11 years. We're super excited to see what he's cooked up for long-term fans!

A fight for survival in week 1

You just need to take a look at all of the official teasers doing the rounds to know that the new housemates will be fighting it out to keep their place in the BB house, during the show's first week. Exactly how that will fracture relationships and divide personalities remains to be seen, but we imagine casting agents have done a fine job of plucking some of the most competitive people out of applicants to compete.

An advantage for one housemate on night 1

When Celebrity Big Brother came to an end, we were all told we could head on over to the Big Brother app and vote for one of the civilian housemates to receive an immediate advantage come launch night. We were given just a couple of quotes from their audition tapes, along with their jobs, and told to make our decisions. Who did you pick?

The return of 'normal' housemates

Every housemate teased for launch night had what we would consider a 'normal' job. It's something fans have been asking for, for some time, because of Z-list reality stars sometimes making the cut and taking the spot from genuine fans who would love the experience.

Something to do with a special BB eye coin

Rylan announced on the last Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side that a shiny little coin would be an integral part of the game this year. No other details were given, but we can't wait to find out what's going on!

Big Brother launches tonight (September 14) at 9pm on Channel 5.

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