With Downton Abbey now nothing but a fond memory in the hearts of many British people across the country, Daz commissioned a survey conducted by KRGA together with Bilendi across 1,000 Brits, to discover just which Downton Abbey character the nation most closely resembles.

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

The results revealed that almost two thirds (64%) of us display similar characteristics to Lady Mary, meaning we're "loyal, elegant and passionate", as well as "the next generation redefining tradition".

It also claims that what makes those people happy is "great smelling, perfectly pressed underwear".

Earl of Grantham came in second with 15%, described as "stable, dependable and intelligent, they think of themselves as the head of the family."

Mrs Patmore was third with 10%, whilst Branson came next with 4% and Dowager Countess of Grantham drew with Thomas with 3% each.

For the full results check below - which character do you think YOU most closely resemble?

· Lady Mary: 64%

  • Loyal, elegant and passionate the Lady Mary's are the next generation redefining tradition
  • Great smelling, perfectly pressed underwear makes them happiest

· Earl of Grantham: 15%

  • Stable, dependable and intelligent, they think of themselves as the head of the family
  • Crisp, white, wrinkle free shirts are their laundry priority

· Mrs Patmore: 10%

  • Down to earth, caring and forgiving, Mrs Patmore's are the carers of the family and run the household
  • Clean tea towels with no stains in sight are key

· Branson: 4%

  • Moral, reserved and sceptical. They are traditional through and through
  • Vests and shirts make up the bulk of their laundry, to keep them looking sharply dressed

· Dowager Countess of Grantham: 3%

  • Proper, traditional and practical they prefer not to work unless they have to
  • They don't do the laundry. Ever.

· Thomas: 3%

  • Ambitious, driven and successful they will do whatever it takes to help family get ahead
  • Most likely suited and booted, they prefer to do washing as little as possible

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