There is no happy ending when it comes to Wolf Creek. That's not a major spoiler - it's something you find out just mere minutes into the first episode of the six-episode series. Those who have seen one or both of the Wolf Creek movies will also know this to be the case. Those who come across Outback murderer Mick Taylor never get away unscarred; whether that be physically or mentally. That is of course if they get away at all. Taylor is an unhinged individual who cannot stand tourists coming into Australia, and so does his very best to eradicate those he comes across by murdering them and chopping up their bodies. The character is played brilliantly by Aussie actor John Jarratt. With his trademark laugh and sinister look, he's definitely a character that's going to go down in horror history.

John Jarratt as Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek

John Jarratt as Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek

A Wolf Creek television series is something that seemed to creep up on prior fans. Its announcement came about suddenly after months of rumours, and it was on the small screen before very long at all. Though it may have worried the most loyal of its fan-base, there was no need for caution when approaching the show. It's every bit as scary and disturbing as the original movie that birthed it.

19-year-old tourist Eve (Lucy Fry) is a troubled young adult. Taken out of the States by her family - her father, mother and younger brother - into the Outback to try and enjoy nature and peace to keep her clean from the drugs and addiction she's struggled with, it doesn't take long for the family to bump into survival expert Mick Taylor.

At first, Taylor masquerades as a man who is looking to keep the family safe, shooting dead a crocodile from long-range when it threatens to take the life of one of the family members. Invited back to their camp where he enjoys a burger cooked by the mother however, it doesn't take long for things to take a sinister turn. When Eve heads back into the campervan for some alone time - headphones in and deaf to the world outside - Taylor gets out his knife and kills both the father and mother, before shooting dead the young son. Heading to the camper, he takes his time with Eve, allowing her to run before he shoots her down. When he goes to claim her body however, she's gone. He assumes she's washed away and will become 'croc bait', but he couldn't be more wrong.

Eve is later found, taken to a hospital and sets off on a journey of finding the man who murdered her family. It's the ultimate tale of revenge, but it's not going to be an easy-to-walk path for Eve, who seemingly comes across mega obstacles at every single turn.

The cast here do a really great job. Jarratt and Fry especially, but also Dustin Clare who plays cop Sullivan Hill, and Andy McPhee who takes on the role of 'Beard'.

This is a show that really knows its audience and does well to tell its story through its six episodes. With just six hours to tell its story, it does a great job of doing so with just a few moments where you may flick through Twitter or Facebook on your phone.

Other than that I was glued to my screen. Does Eve get her revenge? Is Mick Taylor finally taken down? That would be telling. One thing's for sure - when it's all over, you'll be glad you watched.

Wolf Creek: TV Series is available now on DVD, Blu-ray and video on demand.

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