WWE did well to make last night's Monday Night Raw one to remember, when a shoulder injury Finn Balor took during his incredible match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam forced him to relinquish the WWE Universal Title just one day into his reign.



Forced to change any plans they may have had, Raw set up a Fatal 4-Way match for next week which would determine the new Universal Champion.

In the Women's Division, it was revealed that Sasha Banks would also be taking some time off to recover from niggling injuries and pains, so Charlotte gloated with her sidekick Dana Brook, laughing that she would never give Banks another shot at the belt.

Things got loud in Brooklyn however when Bayley decided to run in and ruin the Flair's celebrations. The crowd went absolutely wild - it's great to see such a reinvigoration in interest for the ladies of WWE.

Here are the full results for last night's Monday Night Raw:

Finn Balor is forced to relinquish the WWE Universal Title

"I want to thank Seth Rollins for giving me the match of my life," Finn said as he gave the belt he won the night before back to Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley. Interrupted during his promo by Seth Rollins, Foley and McMahon were urged by Rollins to give him the title. When a slew of other Superstars, including Big Cass, Enzo Amore and Sami Zayn interrupted however, a series of matches was set up to determine who would enter a Fatal-4-Way match on the Monday Night Raw the week after.

Seth Rollins defeats Sami Zayn for a Fatal-4-Way spot

Momentum shifted a handful of times during this stellar match-up, with two of the biggest talents on the roster putting their lives on the line to earn a place in next week's Universal Championship match. Big spots came when Zayn performed a moonsault off the security barricade and when Rollins focused on Zayn's bad leg, before finishing him off with a Pedigree.

Kevin Owens defeats Neville for a Fatal-4-Way spot

The high flyer against one of the biggest men on the roster meant that this was going to be a bit of a game of cat and mouse. Owens and Chris Jericho's friendship however meant that The Man That Gravity Forgot was overwhelmed following a Jericho distraction. An Argentine neckbreaker allowed Owens to pick up the three-count.

Big E defeats Karl Anderson

Returning from injury, Big E picked up a huge win against one member of The Club, who hoped to take him out of action once more. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would compete on the outside of the ring against Luke Gallows, allowing Big E to avoid distraction and hit the Big Ending for a Big Win.

Titus O'Neil stirs rivalry with Darren Young and Bob Backlund

Titus really needs to work on his promos. Whilst this rivalry could be a magical thing, he shouldn't be allowed behind the mic for too long. Calling out Darren Young, Bob Backlund appeared instead, but he was knocked out by Titus. Darren then followed but was on the receiving end of a Clash of the Titus.

Big Cass defeats Rusev for a Fatal-4-Way spot

With both Enzo Amore and Lana inserted into the match in way of introducing their respective partners, Big Cass and Rusev went head-to-head in a quick but entertaining battle. Rusev had tape around his ribs, but that didn't stop the fight from being a brutal one. Rusev was slammed into the ring steps and in the end, the Bulgarian Brute decided to remove himself from the competition, allowing Cass to win as way of count-out.

Bayley makes her official Raw debut

Charlotte enjoyed gloating about taking back the Women's Championship from Sasha Banks, with Dana Brook back by her side. Mick Foley revealed that Banks would be getting her Championship rematch when she returned from a couple of niggling injuries and then introduced the newest free agent to came to Raw - NXT's very own Bayley. Receiving an incredible reaction from the Brooklyn crowd, Bayley challenged Charlotte, but for now would have to go head-to-head with Brooke.

Bayley defeats Dana Brooke

Showcasing her brilliant move-set, Brooke was overcome with the former NXT Champion. She did get the chance to show how she has improved since moving to NXT, but the only result that could have worked here was Bayley winning. She hit the Bayley-to-Belly Suplex to pick up a pinfall victory.

Braun Strowman defeats Johnny Knockout

Johnny Knockout was perhaps the competitor closest to taking out Braun Strowman following his weeks of decimating opponents, but Strowman still managed to effortlessly pick up the victory, even demanding a second three-count.

The Dudley Boyz retire

Thanking the fans before saying goodbye, The Dudley Boyz spoke of some of their biggest moments in WWE. They were however interrupted by The Shining Stars, which led to a super brawl. The Club - Gallows and Anderson - then came out to pounce on the Dudley Boyz, slamming D-Von through a table and ushering in their own era with the close of the Dudley Boyz's.

Roman Reigns defeats Chris Jericho for a Fatal-4-Way spot

Jericho and Owens argued backstage about their chances of winning the Universal Championship next week, and Jericho did his best to try and throw Reigns off his game by slapping him. Jericho then took control, poking Reigns in the eye, pulling his hair and squeezing his neck. Reigns took the power but an Owens interference allowed Jericho to gain momentum once more. That wasn't enough to take down The Big Dog however, who landed a Spear and picked up the pinfall victory.

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