There has been a problem of ‘CM PUNK!’ chants at WWE live events for far too long now. The chants are not only dated, but boring, and serve only to disrupt the flow of what should be an incredible three-hour live event of top-notch wrestling.

It would seem that Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon is fed up of hearing the chants as she snapped back at the fans with an incredible put-down just last night (December 26) during this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, taking place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago.

Those who have followed CM Punk’s career since he left WWE will know that he had been training for MMA fighting ever since, and he finally debuted earlier this year at UFC 203. Unfortunately for Punk, he lost his debut match after just two minutes and 14 seconds in the Octogon.

When Monday Night Raw opened in Chicago this week however, fans decided to chant Punk’s name at Stephanie McMahon as she attempted to open the show. The Authority figure was prepared however, as you can see in the video above.

Reacting to the chants, she said: “So, if you guys could keep that up for about two minutes and 15 seconds you’d last one second longer than Punk did. But back to tonight!”

The epic burn comes after Punk’s trainer Duke Roufus confirmed the fighter had been back in discussions with UFC President Dana White about returning to the sport.

He told MMAFighting: “I believe [Punk] and Dana are talking. I just talked to Punk on Monday and things are looking hopeful. I can’t say yes or no, but they’re looking hopeful. We’re going to see.

“Dana’s always got a good recipe of what he’s going to create and what’s best for the sport, and what’s best for Punk and everyone else.”

WWE continues its weekly programming tonight (December 27) with 2016’s final edition of SmackDown Live.

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