Zombieland was one of the funniest comedies of the year back in 2009 and a brilliantly funny and original look at the world of the undead. What many don’t know though is that Zombieland was originally meant to be a TV show.

While plans for a cinematic sequel are still supposedly in the works, the plans for Zombieland on TV might just be brought back from the dead, despite the script writers having had a pilot turned down by CBS years ago.

But why are we so excited about the prospect of it coming to TV now? Exactly the same reason we were excited about the original film and the same reason why we’re hopeful about Warm Bodies; that we just don’t have enough films poking a little bit of fun at what is in essence the most tired and clichéd monster out there.

While we’re very, very unlikely to follow the same actors from the film (have you seen Emma Stone’s schedule lately, its jam packed until the year 2498), the characters and world of Zombieland are more than enough to have us coming back for more. If we can get the same team of writers that made the original film so incredibly enjoyable, get a half decent cast and keep some of the fourth wall breaking style of the movie, Zombieland is perfectly set up for a TV show.

Even the format is easy. All you need to do is play it all out like a road-trip comedy. Just with the odd zombie attack thrown in for spice. The amount of zombies in the original film is actually very low until you reach the end, with most of the film being conversations and human interaction. Bill Murray’s on screen for nearly as much time as the titular monsters.

The Walking Dead has become the best ‘serious’ zombie property in years and we’d love to see the yang to its yin on our TV schedules. Hopefully sooner, rather than later, we’ll get to see that.


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