The people at created this illustrated video to expose the life of a pig in the food industry. Today, on National Pig Day, it seemed fitting to share it.

Pigs in factory farms can only dream about a warm, comfortable bed

Pigs in factory farms can only dream about a warm, comfortable bed

For those who can't bear to watch the more graphic footage available from factory farm exposes, you can see what happens to these intelligent animals behind closed doors through illustrations instead.

Some people might think that the life of a pig is much like the ones we see in the movies- in films such as Babe. That pigs have room to roam and can interact with other animals, but that’s not the case.

Most pigs are born into factory farms on a cold, wet, urine soaked floor along with their other siblings. The mothers are trapped in crates that are so small there is no room for them to move around. Mother pigs in this industry have multiple pregnancies- however never see the outdoors during any of them.

Piglets generally have their tails and testicles torn off before their teeth are trimmed and notches are cut into their ears- all of this happens without pain medication. Babies are normally taken away from their mothers at only a few weeks old and they are often heard crying for them during this separation process.

When the piglets arrive at their destination, they are generally given an injection that increases their muscle mass so they become massively overweight for their size. Once they are deemed big enough- they are loaded onto trucks with small windows for ventilation. Once the truck arrives at the slaughterhouse – the pigs are forcibly removed from the vehicle- but they often sense there is something wrong and start to panic.  At this point, they are pushed into a chamber where they take their final breaths.

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