Vegetarian Alesha Dixon turns 37 today so we reflect on her efforts to help animals.

Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon

- Dixon is the Vice President of the League Against Cruel Sports- a charity that works to put an end to cruelty to animals in the name of sport.

- She featured in a charity appeal following concerns that the Hunting Act of 2004 could be revoked.

- In 2012, Dixon flew out to Romania with World Animal Protection to rescue two brown bears from Onesti Zoo, which had closed years earlier. The bears were then taken to a nearby sanctuary.

- In 2014, the singer took to Twitter and encouraged her followers to sing an online petition to ban the slaughtering of animals without being stunned first.

- Dixon also supports the PetRetreat scheme, which was launched by the RSPCA. The scheme fosters pets that belonged to sufferers of domestic abuse. They often have to leave their pets behind, as many safe houses don't allow pets. Once the victim leaves the safe house- they are then reunited with their animal wherever possible.

- The star also uses her Twitter page to spread the vegetarian message.

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