I'm a self-confessed lover of coconut- I'm a sucker for a glass of Malibu and I was a huge fan of Bountys before I turned vegan. That's why I was particularly excited to try this in the hope that it would give me some of the taste I've missed in the chocolate department.

Alpro Coconut Chocolate Flavour

Alpro Coconut Chocolate Flavour

This drink is only 41 calories per 100ml or for the whole carton; you're looking at just 135 calories (compared to 274 in a Bounty)- a much healthier choice- plus no cows had to suffer to make this- just coconuts.

The carton serves as your healthy extras for all those Slimming World vegans out there, so it fits in with a weight loss plan too.

Unlike other Alpro products, this one contains no soya so it's great for those who suffer from soya intolerances like me.

I drank this while my co-workers were tucking into some cake, and it make me feel like I was having myself a little treat too, without the animal products of course.

As it comes in a 330ml carton, it's ideal for packing in a picnic, or taking with you to work to stop you drinking an entire large carton- which would be very easy to do!

The drink is low in fat so again much healthier than picking up a chocolate bar- even a vegan one! And offers you a contribution towards your Vitamin D intake which helps to absorb the calcium and B12 which vegans can lack if they don't supplement this vitamin in tablet form.

It also provides you with 396mg of your daily calcium intake, which can be something vegans miss out on if they're not careful. With one of these, you've got over a third of your daily allowance covered.

Overall, I was really impressed with this product, I would definitely buy it again as a treat- it tasted decadent- like it should have far more than just over 130 calories in it but alas- plants are just lower in calories than animal products- yet ANOTHER reason to go vegan.

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