By Susie Ma, Founder of Tropic Skincare 

Susie Ma

Susie Ma

Fresher ingredients mean fresh skin

I have always believed that plants and fruits that grow in the tropics are the most beneficial for the skin; they are closer to the equator, which gives them an abundance of sunlight, making the produce the most nutritious around. I grew up in tropical North Queensland, Australia with all of these fresh ingredients right on my doorstep. My mum and I would often head to local artisan markets and buy fresh produce for mixing up our own skincare products at home, and the quality of the ingredients meant that their nutrients and aromas were noticeably more potent. To this day, Tropic freshly make every skincare and body care product to ensure your skin benefits from the most nutritious ingredients when they're at their best.

Clearer, healthier skin

It was always my goal to inspire skin confidence with each and every one of our customers, after all, waking up to a blemish doesn’t brighten anyone’s day! To do this, each product in Tropic’s skincare range is pH balanced to protect the skin’s acid mantle, which acts as our first barrier to bacteria and pollutants. We also use lightweight natural oils to prevent pores from clogging and blemishes forming. We formulate skincare that will keep skin clear and calm, meaning all you wake up to is a radiant glow.

Kinder to the environment, kinder to skin

I hope that the recent microbead ban in the UK will turn more attention to the impact our personal care products have on the environment. Sadly, microbeads aren’t all we should be worried about. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently conducted a study on the effects of our sunscreens, and other products using SPF such as foundations and day creams, identifying some of the ingredients we should look out for. The most harmful chemical found was oxybenzone, which is said to act like estrogen in the body, altering sperm production, and is associated with endometriosis in women. A study* into this ingredient found that oxybenzone contributes towards the bleaching of coral, and damages reproduction and growth, leaving baby corals with low chance of survival. Other ingredients found in sunscreen, such as homosalate and octinoxate have been found by the EWG to disrupt hormones too. These studies are very eye opening, and I feel very passionate about giving consumers an alternative option to products containing these harsh ingredients. That’s why Tropic products are completely free from toxic ingredients, now and always - they simply aren’t needed to make effective skincare; our 67 prestigious industry awards are testament to that.


Enjoy the best aromas nature has to offer

What could be better than being enveloped by a delicate bouquet when foaming up hand wash, or being transported to a tropical beach sipping a fresh coconut when smoothing on your favourite body cream? Our sense of smell also gives us the greatest feeling of nostalgia, something I always feel when I open a jar of our founding product, Body Smooth Refreshing Polish. I first started making this product with my mum as a child, and went on to sell it at bustling market stalls in London aged just 15 to help contribute to the household bills. Every time I smell the invigorating blend of lemon myrtle, eucalyptus, bergamot and lime it takes me back to my childhood.

Family friendly

We all want what’s best for our family, and it can be worrying to think there might be harsh ingredients in nappy creams or stretch mark oils, so many people find comfort in our naturally derived skincare and body care products. One particular favourite is our bestselling Tamanu Healing Balm. Tamanu is harvested from the polynesian islands, and has been known for centuries as ‘green gold’ for its restorative properties. We blend the nut’s precious oils into a problem solving balm, which works to reduce the signs of a multitude of skin woes such as stretch marks, scarring, grazes and blemishes. It is safe to use on babies and children to help soothe nappy rash and eczema, or even chapped skin after breastfeeding. Each mother and child’s needs will vary and you should always consult your doctor or midwife to check a product’s safety.

Bye bye beauty jargon

Who wants to spend time decoding the complicated, scientific ingredients list on the back of their cleanser? A natural beauty routine means that you are likely to recognise more ingredients packed into your products, and have a greater awareness of what you are applying to your skin. I wanted to be transparent with Tropic, so you can find the ingredients for each product listed on the packaging in plain english as well as the latin INCI.  I believe that our customers shouldn’t have to do extensive Google searching to find out that prunus amygdalus dulcis oil simply means sweet almond oil - they should be enjoying their beauty products instead.

Feel closer to nature

For many of us, the fast pace of modern city life has meant that we don’t spend much time in a natural environment. Applying rich, natural products to your skin and taking in their aromas can help bring a little more nature into our lives, and teach us more about the plants that surround us.

Sensitive skin, rejoice!

If you have sensitive skin, chances are that it has become even more sensitive over time. This can sometimes be because of the abundance of harsh toxic ingredients we apply to our skin. From sulphates that break down the skin’s natural oils, to petrochemicals in our lip balms, it’s no wonder that eventually our skin says ‘enough is enough’ and becomes reactive. For sensitive skin, I believe there is nothing better than gentle, natural formulas packed with soothing butters and balancing oils. Natural skincare products are often packed with active ingredients, so try before you buy if possible to find your skin’s happy place. Tropic have a family of over 10,000 Ambassadors across the country selling our products and offering skincare advice, so if you have sensitive skin, booking a Pamper Experience would be the perfect opportunity to find the products best suited to you.

Feed the skin

I have always believed that just like our bodies, our skin needs to be fed healthy, nourishing ingredients, which is why I treat my skincare as I do my diet. Natural ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, which works wonders for our skins health.

Travel the world every day

We sustainably source exotic ingredients from all over the Tropics to deliver the best, most nutritious skincare possible. For example, when applying our Skin Revive Nourishing Cream Concentrate, which we call a ‘20-a-day for your skin’, you will soothe skin with aloe vera juice from Cape Verde, feel cocoa butter from Nigeria melt at your fingertips, while kakadu plum extract transports you to the Australian coast.

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